Saturday, February 24, 2007


I missed the quad-bike racing this afternoon unfortunately. Two flights and multiple failed attempts to pick-up a banner in a swirling crosswind at lunchtime put an end to today's flight plan. Maybe tomorrow. Does anyone have any reports or photos from Margate seafront?


Anonymous said...

There was an awful funfare catering for people who.........well, like to go to funfares.

Holding an event in Margate? Ship in a load of fun fare rides and cotton candy stools. They'll love that.

Wasted opportunity to attract people to Margate.

Anonymous said...

Bikes not quads were roaring over the beach this morning. What I found interesting was the illegal parking along Marine Terrace; there were 2 vans parked on the zig-zags by the pelican crossing opp Godden's Gap obscuring both the traffic lights and view of any pedestrians about to cross; a Police Officer was sitting in his car a few metres down from the vans doing nothing about them. One law for us locals and one for visitors?