Friday, February 23, 2007

Good News for Montefiore

A new Conservation Area has been designated in Ramsgate to preserve part of the former historic Montefiore Estate.

At a meeting of Full Council last night, Members agreed to the new designation. This includes the Montefiore Synagogue and Mausoleum, both Grade II * Listed Buildings, buildings along part of Hereson Road, many of which are typical of 1880's cottages, Honeysuckle Road, which formed part of the medieval village of Hereson and Dumpton Park Drive, which was open land and gardens connected to the Sir Moses Montefiore Estate.

Sir Moses, the internationally influential Jewish philanthropist and campaigner for Jewish rights, was a long time resident of East Cliff Lodge and owned the land from the Lodge to Hereson Road. In 1833 Sir Moses Montefiore commissioned his cousin, architect David Mocatta, to build a Synagogue. When Sir Moses' wife, Lady Judith, died in 1862, she was interred in a mausoleum adjoining the Synagogue. Sir Moses died in 1885 and was placed beside his wife.

The decision to designate the Montefiore Conservation Area was made, following extensive consultation with local people over the last six months, including a public meeting, leaflets sent to homes in the area and questions put to the Council's residents' panel, Community Matters.

Cllr. John Kirby, Cabinet Member for Development Services, said: "The Montefiore area is of significant importance at both a national and international level and to be able to extend Conservation Area protection to include many of the historic sites related to Sir Moses is wonderful news. It is especially encouraging that local people gave such overwhelming support to these proposals. This decision will ensure that the contribution that Sir Moses Montefiore made to Ramsgate will live on for many years. This new designation sends out a clear message to everyone that our heritage is something people in Thanet care passionately about and the Council is determined to protect it for generations to come."

The Ramsgate Conservation Area was originally designated in 1970 and has been extended several times. The Pegwell Conservation Area was originally designated in 1976 and was extended in 1989 and the Royal Esplanade was created as a Conservation Area in May 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same TDC that upset people a couple of years ago by planning to build and use Sir Mose's land?