Saturday, February 10, 2007

Even More on Phone Mast Radiation

For anyone who might be interested in the subject there is an open meeting giving the latest public health evidence on phone mast radiation being given to MPs by Dr George Carlo in Westminster on 22nd February, 2007.

In order to accommodate everyone, the meeting will be held in the Attlee Suite in Portcullis House the meeting is scheduled to run from 3-4pm.

The latest research can be found here.

A brief look at the international research is suggestive of the need for further investigation and a recommendation that such masts are not placed in close proximity to homes until the health impact is better understood.

I have flagged the meeting with our local Thanet North MP perhaps someone in the 'red corner' might do the same with Mr Ladyman?

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Anonymous said...

What did the scientific community say about asbestos 60 years ago? It is no use discovering in 30 years time that former pupils at King Ethelberts and Ursuline have a higher incidence of brain tumours than the general population at large and then saying 'there is a risk from EMR after all'.