Sunday, February 25, 2007


Anon Y Mouse writes:

"If any of your readers live in the Charlesworth Road area of Birchington and wonder why the daffodils ar not thriving at the entance to their road, I can tell them.

On Friday I had been call back into work. As I drove past the flower beds I saw a boy of about 11 happily smashing the budding daffodils with a lump of wood. The traffic did not permit me to stop and tell him off. However, I get out of the car outside the office and waited for him.

Eventually he came up Canterbury Road on the opposite side to where I was. I shouted to him to stop where he was. He must have thought I was lost or something, but he obediantly waited for me to cross the road to reach him. Did he get a shock ! I stood four feet away from this bespeckled little lout and shouted that I had witnessed him smashing up the daffodils. He started smiling, I think through embarrassment. When I told him that I could identify his school by his uniform and had photographed him vandalising the flowers his face turned to stone ! He then apologised and said he wouldn't do it again. Too late I shouted, you've been caught. By now he was becoming really worried, being faced with an angry ratepayer, not knowing if I was telling the truth or not, his mind must have been all over the place.

I would like to think that this boy has learned a valuable lesson, and maybe, just maybe, he will think twice about wrecking something that is in place for every one to enjoy.

Incidentally, I was very careful to stay my distance from the boy, was not threatening in my language and stayed focused.

If we all tackle the problems as we see them, maybe a few kids can be 'pulled back into line' before they become the feral monsters we see in Birchington every evening.

If the boy's' Mother is reading this then be thankful someone is doing your job and keeping your son in line. It is doubtful that he told her what had happened though."

Ed: What we need perhaps is a return of the good old policeman on a bicycle, "Dixon of Dock Green". I remember "Charlie" our local bobby of many many years ago with nostalgia. A sudden surprise appearance a quick clip around the ear and an even more serious threat to tell one's Dad and he was off, leaving the local Daffodils free to grow in peace for another year. Anyone agree with such a blatant violation of a young offender's human rights?


Anonymous said...

Well done, Anon Y Mouse! Excellent! if I had caught the miserable young tykes who snapped off the stems of two tree planted 9 years ago on a corner in Birchington, I would probably have been arrested for assault as I would certainly have clipped them around the ears. The trouble is ,we live in Blair's Britain, soon to be Buggins Browns Britain, and you cannot treat young scroats like this without them getting you arrested!

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago I saw a 12 year old smashing the heads off the flowers on the corner of George V Ave in Garlinge, he was with his mother and a few other kids,probably siblings, when I spoke to the mother about it the she told me to f off and mind my own business.
I don't bother anymore.
I am also aware that shouting can be construed as assault, especially as the so called victim will probably lie about what was said, what he was doing and anything else he can think of.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what mental satisfaction this young lad got from destroying the local environment. Its the same for Graffiti artists too and people dropping/dumping rubbish for others to clear up. Swearing also springs to mind.

It is their future that they are destroying too...

I think it must all be due to upbringing. A lot of parents no longer interreact with their offspring to teach them any values.

Anonymous said...

"If the boy's' Mother is reading this then be thankful someone is doing your job and keeping your son in line."

Assuming she can read of course!

Anonymous said...

Look at this scenario ... Boy gets shouted at and goes home and tells his parents that you stopped him in the street by grabbing him and shouting abuse at him. Parents seek you out and generate a charge of assault. The police become involved and you have to somehow PROVE that you DIDNT do what the boy claimed. The boy learns a valuable lesson ... and will misbehave with impunity in the future. We have no teeth ... the police have no powers ... the shoe is firmly on the other foot now. Spare a thought for the teachers who have to stand back and witness far worse in schools because they are too easily accused. The fault lies with the parents I am afraid to say ... the kids will always do what they are allowed to do. BTW not all of the Birchington youths fit the mould of those hanging around the square ...

Maverick said...


You need to ask how many bicyles the Police have purchased recently, and perhaps more importantly who is going to ride them. I was told 6.