Thursday, February 01, 2007

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Volunteers are needed to help out with trampolining sessions that are being run by Sport 4 NRG for local teenagers.

The sessions, which take place between 4.30pm and 6pm on Wednesday nights at Hartsdown Leisure Centre, are supervised by a fully qualified coach and a safe schools coordinator. However, the sessions need more people to help out with "spotting", which is when people watch trampolinists and if they jump too close to the beds or the sides of the trampoline, they push them back on to the trampoline.

Sport 4 NRG Officer James Gregory said: "Spotting isn't something that you need lots of training to do. The coach, who looks after the sessions, will talk you through what's required and that's it. With the Sport 4 NRG programme expanding all the time, it's now impossible for me to be at every Sport 4 NRG session, as at the same time of trampolining, we also run a very successful basketball session at the Ramsgate Sports Centre. That's why we need volunteers to ensure that we can continue with the trampolining, which is attracting a good number of young people every week."

He added: "Sport 4 NRG isn't just about improving young people's sporting skills. It's also about improving their social skills as well. Mixing with positive role models helps to increase young people's self-esteem, their confidence and their social skills and also motivates them. Sport 4 NRG is doing a great job of helping to keep the young people of Thanet occupied, active and off the streets and by volunteering, you can play a valuable part in that."

Sport 4 NRG is funded by Sport England and aims to provide diversionary activities to keep young people out of trouble.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Sport4NRG, your guys get paid and volunteers turn out for free for the feel good factor of volunteering; you have got to be kidding!
If my memory serves me well, a local Youth Club asked a local sports college if they could help by letting the club run a football session in the college's gym. Yes, said the local sports college but the activity will be run by Sport4NRG and it will cost you £3.50 a head to pay for them. Now that is really reaching out to the community, isn't it!

This strange mixture of paid lackeys expecting others to' volunteer 'is a sign of our modern times. With reference to the story, who will organise and pay for the volunteer's CRB checks?