Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Big Bang

One of our readers kindly points out that the 1960's film of a nuclear attack on Thanet, "The War Game " can be found in installments on YouTube, starting here. - Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Have just watched the 5 parts on You tube and am reminde of thoughts of 20 years ago. Any Government that is prepared to follow a Nuclear deterrent policy must pay the price to provide shelters and the whole civil emergency defence costs for every citizen. Since the end of 'The Cold War' what measures that had been developed have been long abandoned and any principled Government would now abandon our nuclear deterrent as being a useless expenditure. How many of us are really happy for our Government to employ a retaliatory second strike on an agressor with these weapons? If we are not prepared as individuals to accept genocide on such a scale to be meted out to an aggressors civil population, then we should encourage our Govt to abandon the nuclear option and consign Trident, Polaris and the V-bomber force to the History books where they belong.

Anonymous said...

The film is is a bit patchy on there, I am trying to get a good dvd copy of it at the moment and would be happy to loan it out or whatever if anyone wants one.
This is the film I saw when it was first made and which has given me bad dreams of nuclear annihilation ever since.
I do hope that watching it again may lay the ghosts to rest and banish the recurring dreams of nuclear destruction, after all, for one reason or another it hasn't happened.

worm said...

Oooh! Ta for the link.