Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When the Going Gets Tough

A new zero tolerance approach to environmental problems in Cliftonville West is already paying dividends.

In the past fortnight, five property owners have been issued with Fixed Penalty Notices, requiring them to clear their drains within 48 hours.

All five landlords, none of whom live locally, responded to the Notices and cleared the drains in less than 24 hours.

Had the owners failed to carry out the work in the required time, the Council would have cleared the drains and then sent a bill for the work and officers' time to the landlords of the properties involved.

Failure to pay any bill could result in a charge being put by the Council on the property.

It's the first time that the Council's Renewal Area team have issued Fixed Penalty Notices as a first step, without a warning letter being sent out first and it's an approach they will now be using for problems such as dumped rubbish.

In a second story of the council taking action, the manager of a takeaway in Margate has been fined £1,000 for selling hot food without a licence after 11pm in what's believed to be the first case of its kind in Kent. Ahmet Tasliyurt of Northdown Road pleaded guilty by letter at Thanet Magistrates Court to the charge of providing late night refreshments without a Premises Licence.

This comes after officers from Thanet District Council's licensing team visited CJ in Northdown Road on 16 November 2006 and noticed a sign on the door, stating that the premises were open from 3pm to midnight. The officers explained that selling hot food after 11pm without a Premises Licence was an offence and Mr. Tasliyurt stated that his solicitor was dealing with this.

In December 2006, officers returned to the premises and witnessed people buying hot food after midnight. When asked to produce a copy of the Premises Licence, the Licensing Officer was told that Mr. Tasliyurt's solicitors were dealing with the matter. Mr. Tasliyurt was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £100 costs.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Maybe the Police could check out a few more places that are open late like that place.... there are enough about...

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly what a waste of Thanet Officers' time. Does it really matter what time hot food is cooked until and why should we have a beaurocratic licencsing system like this in the first place. If there's no business to be had he will close. Leave it up to businesses and clubs, pubs etc to organise their own opening times. I am more concerned that environmental health officers visit outlets on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

I believe the real issue is the drunks and louts who are attracted to late night food premises to the detriment of local residents.
If there is no licensing then there is no controlling it.
If there is licensing then the license can be revoked if there is a problem and then the problem goes away as the premises can't be open late.

Chris Wells said...

How interesting..lets tackle the problems of late night drinking by attacking the hot food shops, when the problem is caused by the late night licences in the pubs. Anyone spot a flaw in this approach?

Anonymous said...

Its a mentality that appears to have pervaded Blair's Britain in the past 10 years; ' the dog pees on the carpet, so kick the cat'. Apparently everyone can see then that you are at least doing something!