Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Public Service

Sorry, been out, watching Swindon Town at home, quite literally from above, followed by a 70 minute run back into Manston in the dark. Did I miss anything?

The Thanet Times seem set to pick up the story surrounding the Ursuline phone mast on Tuesday. I see that the council responded very quickly to my own email objection, as a letter of acknowledgement was waiting when I arrived home this evening; an indicator perhaps of why Thanet Council's customer service rating has suddenly rocketed following a recent audit. Do you remember how dismal it was a year or so ago, well of late it's visibly improving from where I'm sitting.

On another note, Cllr. Tomlinson spotted my earlier note that the skip in the St Mildred's Bay car park was filled with waste paper beyond overflowing and immediately arranged for it to be taken away and the surrounding area tidied. There's true "public service" for you and thank you councillor!


Anonymous said...

I thought the Gazunder might have run the mast item on Friday as they were informed on Monday about a little storm about to blow in Westgate over the issue! Presumably the sister paper will have pics and interviews that take time to set up?

Anonymous said...

You are very lucky....I am still waiting for a response to my e-mails sent to Mr Hawkins TDC planning dept & sent to him 09:08:2006 at 14:57 concerning planning aplication A/TH/06/0067. The sign remains the same and the ghastly lights remain. This is besides all the other signs (most probably put up without planning permission)that have appeared.

I retain on computer copies of all e-mails sent and e-mails confirming that they have been received. In my e-mails sent I asked for copies to be forwarded to my local councilors. Again to date nothing.


DrMoores said...

That's not good.. let's hope that some willing councillor spots your note and takes it up with planning!

Tom King chairman,Westgate and Westbrook residents association said...

Regarding the Ursuline mast,eigthteen months ago the Westgate and Westbrook residents association campiagned unsuccessfully to stop the installation of a mast at the junction of Westbury road and St Mildreds road because it was to be sited within a short distance of local schools of which hundreds of children passed each day,four day nurseries and social club used by young families just twenty yards away. Sir william Stewart's earlier report advised caution where young chldren were concerned and recent reports still question the complete safety of the mobile phone industry. Whilst the mobile phone is to stay,surely sensertive sites such as outside our schools should be avoided.
The health concerns of the young should come before the corporate need-or greed of the multi-nationals.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear Tom! I hope you will be mobilising the Residents to object. Buzz is that the objections to this one will swamp planning dept!