Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More Storms Forecast

A new record this morning, 24 ships opposite Margate ande storms are set to batter Britain from today, bringing severe gales, heavy rains and floods.

Winds of up to 70mph will lash eastern England as the storms roll off the Pennines, and flood warnings were put out last night after already weeks of heavy rain.

A Met Office spokesman said: “It will be wet and windy throughout this week. There are several storms developing to the west of the British Isles."

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Anonymous said...

Due to the strong winds, the low water in morning on the 10th was terrific. The area behind (shoreside) what would have been the lifeboat house on margate jetty was high and dry. Iron work missed from the jetty demolition was exposed, parts of the jetty from the 1853 construction are still there, also exposed are fine examples of the rivet work of the time. Other debris in the area included terrra cota stonework from the marine palace. destroyed 29/11/1897. The triangular anchors from the lifeboat house on the west side of the jetty still exist. Beachcomber