Tuesday, January 23, 2007

French Windows

One of our Broadstairs readers tells me that he's come across a new way for developers to play fast and loose with the planning process that demands new buildings (blocks of flats etc) have off-street parking provided.

In his busy road, just off the High Street, he says a house has been knocked down and a new 'block of flats' is going to be built around what remains of the previous house's 'French windows.' Apparently this counts as 'refurbishment' of the building and releases the developer from the regulations governing the provision of parking, even though the new building will have rather more floors than its predecessor.

Does anyone know more about this and is it indeed a recipe for greater and more rapid building blight in the area?

In fact, the other day I was flying a photographer around Herne Bay, where several fields adjacent to the Thanet Way and the railway line are marked for concrete expansion. It's a shame, Herne Bay is relentlessly growing towards Canterburyy.

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