Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Don't You Oppress Me!

There are times, with this country going downhill so rapidly, that I rather wonder if I'm living on the permanent set of Monty Python's 'Life of Brian'.

Am I delusional or do others feel the same about politics and political correctness in a world gone barmy?

After all, what have the Romans ever done for Thanet?


Anonymous said...

What can you possibly mean, our wonderful country gone barmy?

Surely not prisons full and offenders let off to reoffend? Thats zero tolerance!

NHS and Education in turmoil, and collapse? Thats progressive government!

Brown taxing anything that moves and then ripping off the relatives when it moves no longer? Thats supporting the state!

What have the romans done for us? Peace! No, we invade another country to get rid of their terrorists while declaring the home grown terrorists that we spent thirty years fighting, freedom fighters and offer them a seat in government!

Seems all quite sensible to me, though it is a trifle hard writing this from my straitjacket!

For those who disagree, and think that our current government is still wonderful, may I add the quotation, "There are none so blind as those that will not see.."

Romani eis ad domum? said...

At least the Romans punished their criminals; in Blair's Britain, despite warnings from the Prison Service years ago that we needed more prison space, we now have the farce of instructions to Judges and Magistrates to 'not lock up felons'! The problem is that the Popular Front for Judea or was it the Peoples Judean Front have re-incarnated as the Labour Party. If my memory serves me, they sat around talking and producing lots of fine words in resolutions that never translated into any action as well.

One Voice In Thanet said...

No, you are delusional.

Anonymous said...


Your reference to this programme aroused my interest.

I watched the programme again recently. It was hilariously funny in parts although also in bad t aste for many at times. However, it is good to see yourself as others see you.

I speak as a Christian believer. One may criticise Christianity, but not other religions. There seems also to be a concerted effort to suppress Christianity by secular humanist under the guise of being P.C !
For instance

It so happens that an optional question in the 2001 census revealed that 71.6% od people in England identified them selves with the Christian faith.

Do critics have any quarrel with the founder of Christianity, The Lord Jesus Christ. The Qu'ran says that Jesus was the greatest of the prophets.

Do they have any quarrel with those bulwalks of a Christian society, like the democratic values of compassion, social justice, equal opportunity, the defence of life (200,000 abortions in U.K. last year )and the family ?

Let's keep the balnce.

We Christians are not that dangerous are we?

Canon Jim Fry