Thursday, January 25, 2007

Criminal Gangs in Schools

I think I may have mentioned this after I chaired the 'Tackling Organised Crime' conference at the end of last year. I don't think it's a problem on our immediate doorstep but at the conference, one Assistant Chief Constable described this as a major inner city problem now getting worse and the gangs are spreading farther afield; i.e. you will find the Jamaican Yardies operating in Kent now.

The Times reports these gangs are using children as young as nine to run messages between members and act as drug mules, parents were told last night.

Jim Knight, the Schools Minister, said that the problem had been identified in Birmingham, Manchester and London, where gang activity outside schools had started to enter them. Urgent action was needed, he said, before it spread and became a “genuine worry” for parents and pupils."

The police will tell you that it's much much worse than the government is admitting!

Criminal gangs in schools:


Anonymous said...

School children have amazing and inexpensive communication resources at their finger-tips with their mobile phones and internet access. We should not be surprised to see the rapid spread of gang culture as this invidious sub-culture features on sites and chat rooms our youngsters visit. Rapid comms around a group in a 'gang' helps intra-group contact, cohesiveness and secrecy.

Anonymous said...

The fore runners of the Yardies, West Indian gangs, who operated in Ipswich in early 70s were already versed in child psychology to conduct what they called "Captures" which was to recruit girls in care, say aged 15, into a life of prostitution. The means was by "caring" providing a first experience of "family" for them. And it worked.

One of the complaints against Kent Police which the late John Allen (Chair East Westcliff Residents Assn) tried to bring was that people had complained to him about the apparent spread of "Intelligence targetting" as championed by FBI trained David Phillips (then Chief constable) and practised its eems by his adherent George Rogers in charge of Thanet Police.

John's information was that schoolkids were being offered money, by junior uniformed officers, anxious to develop sources for the intelligence targetting methods being propagated.

"Lies guised as truth for sale"

For a solution to policing problems in this country we could do worse than start with the Anglo Saxon Tything man and then Magna Carta which committed the monarch to appoint as constables only those who know the law of the realm and who are minded to keep it well. Their office, as independent ministerial officers of the Crown, being conditional that they defend the rights, freedoms and liberties of the people.

The rights, freedoms and liberties, in my view, in a constitutional monarchy (In which the Queen takes the supreme oath at Coronation to become fount of all justice in mercy which is the binding oath over the subordinate oaths of constables, judges, coroners and justices)the culture can only change by way of the process of natural justice.

To prescribe a sudden change is not compatible with that. IE Multiculturalism shortly to be interculturalism.

Every person in the land is equally entitled to enjoy peace guaranteed by the Queen, her loyal subjects and her sworn officers.

The multiculturalists distorted that time immemorial principle such that rights disappeared tobe replaced by privileges guised as rights.

The Home Office key competency for example "Respect for diversity" and "Sees things from others point of view and persuades others to do the same" sit ill with the terms of the constable oath to the Queen to act without malice or ill will, without fear or favour. IE sworn to see all equally.

We need to re-assert the constitutional position (if necessary with parishes taking back the power on loan to government to appoint constables .. IE vote for constables parish by parish) make it clear that law requires any loyal subject so able to go to assistance of a constable

IE POLICE WITH THE PEOPLE NOT TO THE PEOPLE. FORGET LABELS "Muslim community", "Gay community" ,"Afro Caribbean community" etc etc. There should be no diversity in the eyes of a constable. All are equal before the law. I think we have suffered enough from the influences of perons whoseem to have frerequent access to the media to expound. "Chicken Balti" of Liberty (see me practice my culture there the good old fashioned English piss take)and the Cherie Blair. "Human rights lawyers". They have gained more power than a backbench MP.

I don't know why you, not an independent Ministerial Officer of the Crown, should be chairing a conference on organised crime. My view is get the basics right (the police back into a lawful group of constables) then with the people and a common understanding of common law tackle the issues.

The IRA have shown the way in being criminal on the one hand and using human rights law on the other. How long before Yardies are in the European Court of Human Rights waving that mythg and mass hysteria "Institutionalized racism"