Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blowing in the Wind

I don't know if anyone wants to take bets on when the bin men will come? I've now pulled all my rubbish off the street until tomorrow. Perhaps they'll turn-up then or perhaps they are taking an extended Xmas break? Does anyone know?

Following on from my last post on identity theft, I have in front of me an Egg motor insurance policy - expired - that blew past, perhaps from someone else's rifled bin bags.

Your policy number sir is 420024*** you are 26 and the last three digits of your mobile phone number are 994. From the details in front of me and a few extra bits of paper, say a phone bill or a council tax bill, I could make a fraudulent credit card application in your name.

The going rate for this kind of information to crimninal gangs is about £5.00 but I'm going to shred your details. Let everyone else be warned and go out and buy a shredder today!


Cllr. Clive Hart said...

In Cliftonville West my fellow councillors Linda Aldred, Doug Clark and I are concerned by what has become an annual period of neglect of our residents (and residents in other densely populated areas of Thanet) by the current administration at Thanet District Council.

In a month when the leadership boasted that thousands of wheelie bins were being delivered across the rest of Thanet, residents living in urban areas were left piled high with refuse for two weeks over the Christmas and the new-year period. Even before the new-year festivities had started, street after street in Cliftonville had front yards, garden paths and communal staircases filled to overflowing with refuse sacks.

Residents living in flats and small houses cannot possibly keep the extra rubbish generated over the Christmas period inside their homes for two weeks. The vast majority of decent residents did absolutely everything they could to keep the rubbish within their premises boundaries but inevitably sacks in these numbers will spill out onto the pavements. I dread to think what visitors to our town must have thought’.

Mr Friday said...

You wait until next year when thousands more people are on fortnightly rubbish collections.....

Chris Wells said...

So, we must assume Clive that under Labour administration there were never any disruptions to the service caused by the Christmas break? Methinks you are living in cloud cuckoo land....again.

Anonymous said...

Simon, its all running a day late after the two week loss of Monday collections. Ours in Cliftonville (normal Monday collection) was removed yesterday after 2 weeks.

I support your comment Chris; this is not a political issue but more a problem assosciated with "in-house" TDC collections.
The problem went away when contractors (Serco?)were involved by TDC and has now returned again with TDC's in house teams. Pay the bin-men a serious bonus to do a week's worth of collections in the Wed/thu/fri/sat slot between Christmas and New Year and the week after and hey-presto, problem solved! Cut out a summer firework display to pay for it!