Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Brother Says BB Bullies Out!

I never thought I would watch Big Brother, let alone play a minor role in the publicity. We've been sitting above the Big Brother house this afternoon in the Airads aircraft towing a banner saying "BB Bullies Out." Sky News appear to have mixed up their schedule and the Sky "copter" left short of fuel before we arrived but a constant loop has been running on Sky News and the BBC picked it up too.

Sky News reports that Jade saw the banner from the hot tub which explains her behaviour with Shilpa later in the day. Can't say that I noticed her though!

We were extremly lucky with the weather window at Denham, there should be a howling gale blowing and there wasn't, although we did have our problems on the pick-up with a broken hook which forced us to run late.

A huge traffic jam along the M25 gave plenty of scope to display the message: "BB Bullies Out" on the way into Stapleford to drop the banner. From an advertising point of you I guess you can't buy the kind of coverage we saw today without spending a small fortune!

Strangely enough, another advertising agency called us with a request, in addition to The Sun newspaper. The former asked if we could drop a dummy Formula I car driven by a stuntman in a gorilla outfit, by helicopter into the Big Brother garden. You can imagine my reaction. Not possible in the nicest possible way... cheaper and easier to shoot the Gorilla I told the chap on the phone! Perhaps he did?

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Anonymous said...

Luvverly story as Jade Goody might say.

I have watched CBB with fascination as the complex of cameras have picked up an ongoing bullying process with chief player and sycophants making the victims life misery.
The CBB producers should be congratulated for showing the whole vile process of a group of bullies plying their evil trade.
I suspect that there are thousands of our young people, up and down the land,who would have identified the characteristics we have watched, from first hand experience. The producers of CBB should consider releasing a video to all schools in the country illustrating the pernicious way bullies target and discomfort their victims.
I cannot understand why people have complained in their thousands to the broadcasting standards watchdog. What we have witnessed is perhaps the uncomfortable reality of modern day Britain and what we see in the 'mirror' that CBB has bravely shown us is something that we would rather pretend does not exist; the vulgar, crude face of bigotry and ignorance combined with an underlying class and racial prejudice that so many of our people suffer from.

As a past victim of bullying as a youngster I am delighted that the three main perpetrators of what we have witnessed in CBB are going to have to pay a severe price for their disgraceful behaviour. There is something sweet about a bully getting their 'come-uppance' and in the case of Jade and her two cronies, it is even sweeter to see the bullies wimping and whining " we didn't mean it" when they realise they have been caught out in a way that only a programme like BB can reveal with its all intrusive cameras and microphones.