Monday, January 22, 2007

Behind the Mast

With a brand new, gleaming ticket machine outside Westgate station, the young lady in the ticket office gives it a week to survive the elements and the local hoodies. I'm inclined to agree with her but we can "open a book" on the odds of its survival past the end of the month if you like!

Regular reader Amy ask:

If we really want mobile phones mast outside each of the Westgate secondary schools?

"Hutchinson 3G(UK ltd) has made an application (TH/07/0009) for prior approval for a 15m high telecomms mast to be erected close to the exit of Ursuline College on the verge, yes, the verge of Canterbury Road between the pavement and King Ethelbert School's boundary.

Hundreds of pupils pass within feet of this spot daily and it is a waiting area for the bus stop. The jury is still out concerning the effects of strong electro-magnetic radiation on young people in particular and it does seem the height of folly to even consider putting a mast in this location. Sources tell me that Headteachers at King Ethelbert's and Ursuline are uniting to mobilise objections.

Presumably this verge is KCC owned? I hope parents of pupils at both schools and Westgate residents will tackle their KCC and Thanet Councillors over this matter. The public has until 29 January to lodge complaints and Councillors have until 5 February. I find it hard to believe that any-one would dream of putting a mast in such a place but it is reported that Hutchinson has a number of such applications lodged with TDC for various sites along The Canterbury Road from Birchington to Westbrook."

Who agrees with Amy?


Anonymous said...

A frightening thought that, the two head teachers uniting! The last time they got involved together the sensible idea of them sharing a joint, hidden sports hall, resulted in hand bags at dawn, and planning permission granted for two hangers that will ruin the local area. If 3g want to improve my phone reception, then let them put one up amongst the trees where it will be obscured.
If you let the two heads get involved, they'll decide it's a money spinner after all and want one each!

As for saying it's for 'health' reasons, better they do something about the stupid parking by their parents and pupils which is making the road dangerous for everyone, and is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Still, I'm sure that dealing with microwaves is far more, PC, than dealing with something that is literally on their doorstep!

Anonymous said...

Hey - its an obvious need right there in those locations for those masts, after all who are the heaviest mobile phone users who are to be seen everywhere with at least one phone superglued to their ear?

The schoolkids!

As far as I know the danger is from microwave radiation heating up the brain - could only improve most of the kids at ethelbert or hartsdown, but thats just my opinion.
Actually I don't like masts everywhere but I don't think they are a particular health hazard. Playing chicken or football in Canterbury Rd, now thats a real and voluntary health hazard and the kids do it.
Survival of the Stupidest rules in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

There's a trick needed here, to work against the obvious decision to be made by the KCC. If we all say we want the mast, they WON'T give permission to build it. They always go against the wishes of the Local Residents.
Logical really, innit!

Anonymous said...

Yep that ticket machine is as good as dead, i give it till monday...!

Anonymous said...

If the school heads are so interested in their kids safety, perhaps they will tell them that playing football down the roads behind the schools is also a bit dangerous!! Not so much for them, but for the motorists who have to dodge footballs and idiots in the road!!

Could do with some help with this as well. Anyone know who the morons are that wear the bright green tops. Are they Ethelbert or Ursuline? Asking them so far has only resulted in me receiving the standard anglo saxon reply!!

Anonymous said...

If there is a problem with kids mesing about on the roads behind the two schools in Canterbury Road, then the obvious answer would be to involve the permanent police officer stationed in Lymington Road. She is parked outside her friends house every day she's on duty!! Either that, or the house needs some serious police protection!!

Strange thought though, and I only ask this as a council tax payer paying for our invisible police; if she is on her beat, then why does she not have a walk around? If she is off her beat, EVERY TIME she is on duty, then is there a missing persons poster at the station saying "One of our officers is missing!". Hope that if any of the councillors who occasionally frequent this site are reading this, they might like to ask where their money is being spent!

Westgate Watch

Anonymous said...

I have seen that police-car sitting outside that house a lot too. If she is meant to be on duty, then this disgraceful! Looking at my Kent Police precept that makes up part of my Council Tax bill means my tax is directly paying her wages; an e-mail to Maidstone is clearly needed.

Westgate dog-walker said...

11.36pm, the green topped neanderthal youngsters are, I am reliably told, The Sports Academy students of Ursuline College's Sixth Form. You should see less of them soon when the playing fields to be set up between Ethelbert's and the start of Birchington by the side of the Canterbury Road are growing grass. It looks as if the preliminary cultivation has begun and a spring sowing is therefore likely.