Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Say No to 0870

CS writes:

"I don't know if this is something you might like your site visitors to know?

I am on one of these systems (not talk talk) that I pay a fixed fee for all telephone calls and broadband charges. However if I dial 0845 or an 087... number I am charged an additional fee. There is a website www.saynoto0870.com that gives an alternative number. i.e. Southern Water: is 0845 272 0845 I am charged for this call however if I dial 01903 264444 I don't get charged for the call.

Hope this is of help."

Ed: Thanks CS. I'm sure this has been given a mention - the cost of charges - once before here. It's all part of a shameful racket by companies to squeeze even more money from their so-called customers for the privilege of what should be called 'Customer service' and plainly is not in many cases.


James Maskell said...

Such a good story it was posted twice!

More seriously, the increase in premium numbers/higher cost telephone numbers is a disgrace that the Government should be slapping down heavily. In some cases its downright criminal.

DrMoores said...

Thanks a Blogger glitch I think!

stuart said...

I have 0845 numbers for my business which has clients nationwide. We got the numbers several years ago so that clients in Glasgow could call at the same LOCAL rate someone would be charged if they called in Thanet.

0845 and 0870 are charged at LOCAL rate to the dialler.

The problem is these new 'national calls included' providers see the non-geographic numbers as a way to cash in. Companies make no money from having 0870/0845 numbers. In fact, it costs to have the facility.

What is important is that companies publish both the root number and the non-geographic numbers on their websites and stationery etc.

Anonymous said...

Stuart I regret to say you are misinformed and your post is misleading readers.
You don't have to take my word for it, just google 0870 numbers make money or similar keywords and see what comes up.
If you go to just one of the search returned websites callagenix.com you will read
"With an 0870 national rate number, you can earn money whilst enabling your customers to keep in touch with you. Your callers pay the standard fee for national rate calls, and you receive 2 pence per minute for each call you receive from one of our existing packages. "

So 0870 numbers are not local rate, they are the socalled national rate which no one pays for long distance these days normally anyway, of at least 7p per minute.
And you are receiving at least 2p, maybe up to 4p, of this depending on the deal your company has done with the service provider of the 0870 number.

I refuse to deal with any company which uses 0870 numbers as I believe they should be making their profits from their core business activities, not by keeping customers a long time on the phone at an expensive rate.

0870 numbers are a con trick on the public.

Dave of Ramsgate said...

I discovered this site some time ago by logging on to www.moneysavingexpert.com which is run by Martin Lewis the TV money saving expert. A great site which give many, many tips on how to save money. It also offers a regular free email service which will keep you up to date.

Mr Friday said...

Stuart - you also need to have a look at this recent information which has surfaced.

The Department for Work & Pensions received £268,000 in 2005/2006 through the 0845 telephone numbers it uses for benefit claimants to contact them, according to information released following a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request by a Derbyshire unemployed workers group.

NB - the DWP has nearly two thousand telephone numbers using the local rate 0845 prefix, including those used for its 'tele-claims' and benefit information phone lines.

Bear in mind these lines are used by the most vulnerable and less well off members of the community it is disgraceful really.

Since the report was published the Government have said they will move to 0800 numbers instead.

stuart said...

I'm obviously misinformed on 0870 numbers but i don't have any.

Re 0845 numbers:

Low Cost to Caller. Having an 0845 number means that prospects can call your business from anywhere in the UK paying no more than the standard BT local calling rate. Current rates range from 3.95p (peak) to just 1p (weekends) VAT inclusive.

I know we receive no rebate from our lines and pay £120 per quarter for the pleasure.

We also publish our geographic numbers too. Happy with our ethics!

Anonymous said...

Stuart it sounds like you are doing everything right,transparent and above board, just like I run my business.
It pays in the long term.
Just out of interest what sort of business do you have?
I'm always interested in what can be successful based in Thanet, I've said for years that for a business to be profitable in Thanet most of the customers and the money they spend has to come from outside of the area.