Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pizza Rapist Jailed

A Threat to the Public :

29-year-old Margate pizza delivery driver and asylum-seeker Qadar Hazarmeshe who carried out three sex attacks has been jailed by a crown court judge.

The Afghanistan-born man was given an indeterminate jail sentence after a judge at Canterbury Crown Court ruled that he posed a “significant risk” to the public."


Anonymous said...

One would hope the judge made a recommendation that he be deported at the end of the sentence.

Anonymous said...

And today at the Trinity Sq Margate Rememberance service the Rev Brian Sharp asked us to pray for the refugees, especially the ones in this area.

There was a low grumble from the crowd.
Now he can pray for anyone he likes in his own time but we were there to honour and remember our countrymen and comrades from 2 world wars and other conflicts, not refugees.

It was inappropriate to say the least and I will be broaching this matter with him and anyone else to do with organising the service.

And while we are on the subject it was pretty shameful how pedestrians were pushing their way through the crowd even during the 2 minute silence. Some at least of them were not english speaking as they were chatting to each other as they went.