Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nash Road Homes

One of our readers, David C. writes:

"You may care to know that on driving past Star Lane this weekend I notice that next to the proposed new development which would appear on the L/H side, on the R/H side (corner of Nash Road & Star Lane) the site there (former factory) has been acquired by Abbey New Homes. I haven’t noticed any other blogs pick this up yet."

Ed: By the way, Figures released in Nationwide Building Society’s House Price Survey for Outer South East England, show house prices up 5.2% for the year, the fastest rate of growth in the region since the first quarter of 2005. Growing infrastructure such as road and rail links and the promise of the high-speed rail link between Ebsfleet and Stratford continue to benefit the region, with house prices in Thanet in particular up a remarkable 15% this year, well above the rest of the region or the national average of 6.9%.


Mr Friday said...

I'll have a look out for that tonight on the way home.

Talking of which, did anyone else experience the traffic mayhem after work yesterday trying to move around Westwood ? It took me less than 30 minutes to travel from Canterbury city centre to Lord of the Manor and a further 40 minutes to go the last 2 miles home. Completely hopeless. Haine Road, Newington Road, Whitehall Road, Margate Road & Northwood Road all at a standstill.

Surely it couldn't have just been due to the temporary traffic lights on Haine Road ? If so, this will become a regular occurrence if/when they start building the new houses etc.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I mentioned this on this site some 2-3 months ago: the planning aplication passed is for 7x2bed houses in a terrace + 6x3 bed houses in a terrace + 5x3 bed houses in a terrace = 33x2 bed appartments + 3x1 bed appartments + 57 car parking spaces. Don't forget the additional 1,000 houses on the opposite side of the road. total now increases to 1,054 for this area.

all details held with site owner

James Maskell said...

The former Silent Gliss factory site...yep, 100 houses! It was passed by the Council some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Sorry James but I made the total 54 under planning application TH/04/1203

By the way note the entrance exit into Nash Lane (7th February revised drawing) and don't forget this application was made 4th October 2004

name and address held by site owner

James Maskell said...

My mistake. 54 it is...

James Maskell said...

The Westwood Cross Housing development could be more than a thousand. I thought it could be up to 1,130 if the school and the medical centre dont go ahead. At least, I think thats what the report said.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I think the KCC & TDC should be fined £1000 per day (each) that they do nothing about the jams at Westwood Cross.

It wouldn't take them long to get something organised then... possibly a minute or three...

& as to the extra housing.... water!!! is there enough??? Do we have the Councils sworn promise (complete waste of time anyway) that there will be enough???

Wait and see... anyone with any sense has long since left the area... we're off soon too!

Chris Wells said...

Application number R/TH/06/1270

69 flats and 6 houses and associated car parking pursuant to outline planning permission OL/TH/04/1203.

James Maskell said...

Looking at the site plan for the more detailed and up to date plans, the traffic comes out exclusively onto Nash Road.

We are asking for trouble. The transport assessment for the Westwood Housing Estate is way too optimistic. Delays of 15-20 minutes at Haine Road are being regularly reported during Invicta FM travel. Such a concentration of housing will mean the pinch points in the area will come under even more pressure with people looking for alternate routes affecting Coffin Corner, Victoria Lights, Nash Road, Westwood Road and Ramsgate/Margate Road. KCC and the developers need to think of how to solve the existing problems before considering how to fit their own development plans in. The infrastructure must be put in first.

Local residents need to be fully consulted on all proposals. I cant see them approving of the traffic lights at the Star Lane Stores junction. One of the connected problems here is the lack of leadership at a local level from Councillors, with the exception of Cllr Wells. TDC Councillors have the detailed local knowledge to be able to have a real say in this even though TDCs powers and influence arent large and have, at least in Salmestone, let down the residents.