Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Keeping Thanet Tidy

Thanet Council's team of Community Wardens have been out and about across Thanet warning people not to drop litter and asking them to help keep Thanet beautiful.

Successful days in Margate, Cliftonville and Broadstairs have seen a total of more than 50 people receive warnings. All picked up their litter after being asked by the Wardens, so none were issued with fines, but they were warned that fines are being increased to £80 and if they drop litter again, they risk being fined.

The initiative is part of the Thanet is Beautiful campaign, launched in July, which aims to remind people how much there is to be proud of in the area, while warning them of the penalties for dropping litter.

Cllr. Ingrid Spencer, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: "Our Community Wardens are playing a valuable role in helping to get the message across to the minority who still insist on dropping litter in our streets. The warnings that were given out made people very aware that if they persist in this behaviour, then they will end up getting fined. Our residents have told us that they're not prepared to tolerate people dropping litter, dumping rubbish or allowing their dogs to foul and that's why we're increasing the level of fines for those who continue to do these things."

The Community Wardens will be in Ramsgate next week and will also be on the trail of persistent bloggers.


Eastcliff Richard said...

Now, now. Birchington has it's fair share of rubbish too!

Anonymous said...

What would the wardens have to say about this?
We obviously are way behind in Thanet when it comes to antisocial behaviour.
Caution - this is a link to a distasteful ( but amusing in a weird way ) news story in the USA.,0,4013093.story?track=mostemailedlink