Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jam Busters

Husky 3

One solution to beating the Westwood Cross morning traffic jam can be seen in this photo. Dog food is still cheaper than diesel - Just!

Watch out for the TDC dog wardens though.


Pedestrian said...

If you work in Thanet and live in Thanet and don't have kids to drop off at school and don't need a car to run around in for your work I see no real reason why more people can't cycle from Margate to Ramsgate, Broadstairs to Margate, whatever. Before anyone spouts off about road safety let me tell you there are more cyclists in central London now than there ever has been. I'm not some cycle nut nazi but it might also help some over weight Thanetians burn off yesterdays Mac-Meal and fries and there are plenty of fat people around who need some exercise.

DrMoores said...

Quite right I'm sure.. I use a bicycle when I can.. quicker than a car but slower than two huskies!