Friday, November 03, 2006

Council Considers Job Cuts

Council considers job cuts: icKent reports that Thanet Council is considering cuts to highly-paid staff to avoid a council tax hike.

Documents leaked to the Isle of Thanet Gazette show chief executive Richard Samuel is considering cutting two posts to save £100,000.

A review of managers at the authority began in the summer, in a bid to save cash and ''streamline'' the council.

The chief executive has drawn up a seven-page consultation document which includes seven options for change.

The proposals include axing at least one of the three directors, thought to be earning more than £70,000 each."


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Seems to me, if there are more highly paid Council Employees, these could go too! Most are just 'free-riders' and do not do enough to warrant their high salaries.
Then we could pay even less C-Tax.

Anonymous said...

I am not defending TDC as I think they are pretty useless but in fact not much of the Council Tax we pay goes to TDC , most of it ends up with KCC.
Kent Police get a slice, as do the Fire Service and in some areas you will pay extra if you have a Parish Council as Ramsgate residents will soon find out.
Its sad that TDC doesn't really seem to be digging itself out of the apathetic staff situation they have developed over many years.
Who is to blame? I blame the Cllrs for letting it happen.
Its elections next year, in my ward (Salmestone) we have had a Labour newsletter where 97 year old Cllr Charlie Young is commended for his unceasingly tireless efforts ( in fact he has done little for his residents since the last election)and recommends his replacements.
One of the new Labour Salmestone candidates has, according to the newsletter, little free time - therefore is patently UNSUITABLE, and the other, pictured in her dark glasses like a Mafia member,seems to be another OAP standing for election as part of the established old boys/girls network,and is already Treasurer of the British Legion.
Neither will get my vote, we need some young new blood - and I am a mature traditionally labour voter but already disappointed in the choice of candidates.

Anonymous said...

Having read the above I just thought I would check on the attendance record of the 2 councillors for Salmestone, one labour and one conservative - but the page on the TDC website which used to record attendances of Cllrs at meeting is "no longer available"!
I wonder why?

James Maskell said...

Cllr Youngs attendance record improved I think in more recent times and is near the top. Cllr Fullers on the other hand hung down near the bottom of the table.

As for the Salmestone Matters newsletter, its rather thin on news on Salmestone, dont you think? It looks like an election leaflet dressed up to be a local newsletter.