Sunday, October 15, 2006

We're Oppressed Too

Irish travellers appear to be upset that they were not invited to take part in the filming of the "Margate Exodus", apparently because they are white and as a consequence feel discriminated against; or so the report in Kent on Sunday suggests.

It could however be because the producers didn't immediately think of them as being refugees in the same sense as say Rwandans, given that health, schooling and general state benefits are kinder here than they are in the Irish Republic.

What's your view?


onelosthousemate said...

I asked to be an extra in the Exodus, but they said I couldn't because I lived in Leicester, even though i'm from Margate.

Fair enough as long as a majority of the participants were local i don't mind. Its good for the local people to feel like they have something of their own, and they're not being invaded just because something is happening

James Maskell said...

Well said. I think this seems very much like a non-story. Everyone Ive spoken to about the Exodus said they had a great time and that they cant wait to msee the finished product.

Its a pretty laughable assertion to make out that Irish travellers were disregarded because they were white.

Anonymous said...

With Anne Widdecombe asserting today that Christians are being discriminated against by BAA in its dress rules, I wouldn't be so sure, James.

Anonymous said...

It's BA, actually.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree - the Exodus wasn't about Margate.