Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Secret Policeman's Ball

Your home is no longer your castle:

From today, a new army of council tax inspectors will have the right to enter homes - and fine any householders up to £1000, for refusing to co-operate with the new council tax assessment. They will be able to exlore your home at will and take photographs of home improvements that could mean higher bills.

Britain takes another step on the road to becoming a police state but with none of the benefits!

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Mr Friday said...

It's a great sensationalist headline but it completely removed from reality.

The proposed powers are almost identical to the current powers and there will be no need whatsoever to undertake internal inspections. Obviously if a property has had substantial improvements made since the last valuation they can be taken into account but this is, in fact , no different from the current clause when people move property - the same can apply.