Friday, October 06, 2006

One More Armed Robbery in Thanet

One more armed robbery in Thanet this morning to add to the growing list. Can anyone remind me, which town or village hasn't had an armed robbery yet? It's a clue for our police, rather like joining-up the dots in a child's puzzle.

Police are hunting two men after a Securicor van was robbed outside the Lloyds TSB on Broadstairs High Street at around 11.45am when a people carrier with two people in it pulled up.

Police say a man wearing a balaclava and carrying a black handgun got out and robbed the guard of one of the cases. He then got back into the vehicle, which sped off towards the train station.

The people carrier was later found abandoned in Albert Street in the town.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 01843 222194 or Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

erm, even in the days of the Stagecoach on the Wells Fargo runs, they had an ARMED GUARD on the wagons. Perhaps in these days of 'silly Police' Laws... (oh we cant touch them just because they robbed a van and killed a couple of guards) Securicor SHOULD have an armed Guard on board.... prevention is better than cure...Any attempted robberies....shoot the B******D's

James Maskell said...

When I was in Kenya I saw a security crew doing a job in a shopping centre. They had people with guns watching out for any one interfering or getting in the path of the runners. The vans had fixed grills over all windows. THAT is how it needs to be done. That said, in Kenya, every other person has a machete and werent afraid to use them.