Thursday, October 12, 2006

Northdown Farm Accident

One of our readers has sent in a story anonymously. He or she writes:

"Yesterday, morning an 18 year old new employee at one of the units at East Northdown Farm was crushed when heavy sheet steel fell on him. He had been left alone and reportedly without supervision to use a heavy metal cutting guilotine when the accident happened.

The unit is one of three units with planning permission for only B1 light industrial (suitable for a residential area), but which has been allegedly - according to the author - used for B2 heavy engineering for several years. Thanet District Council enforcement have acknowledged this breach of planning control but have to date failed to take any action.

Two paramedic vehicles, two ambulances, two police cars and a fire engine attended the scene. The air ambumlance was also called and attended. The Health and Saftey Executive were called by the Police and the unit was closed by the HSE because of the dangerous environment.

The young man in question was eventually taken to Margate Hospital by ambulance and is now recovering after suffering severe injuries to his arm. An HSE investigation continues."

Thanet Life


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at the inaction of TDC. I once reported a blatant breach of planning laws and nothing was done. Perhaps because the people in breach of these planning laws happened to have friends or family working for the council.

Where I live now we have neighbours who buy and sell what can best be described as "old shitters." Cars that should be scrapped, but by dint of obtaining a duff MOT are "roadworthy" The "business" has been reported to TDC as I live in a residential area and call me old fashioned but I object to having a half arsed garage run by people on the dole right on my doorstep. The result? Absolutely nothing. In Blairs Britain it is "do as you like" I fear.

Anonymous said...

I attended a planning meeting where Northdown Farm was discussed and the general view is that the site has uses to provide units for employment rather than remaining as empty disused agricultural buildings. The problem is that the new neighbours in their hugely expensive twee houses dont want such work going on in THEIR vicinity!

Mr Friend has suffered what can only be described as a relentless and vexatious campaign of complaint after complaint by one local resident over the years and your contributor shares the same point of view perhaps, or may be that person?
Accidents can happen and I just hope the victim recovers. It is not the Friend's responsibility if there were health and safety issues but the business concerned using the premises.

Anonymous said...

Well well 10.06 or would you be Mr Friend by any chance? How callous can you be, with that poor young man still in hospital and likely to remain there for a considerable period. Incidentally, I happen to live in one of those, "hugely expensive twee houses" as you describe them, and yes, you are absolutely right, I don't want to live next to a squalid encampment which appears to be beyond control and keeps me awake all night. How do you manage that, when we had to ask the council if we could change a window? It sounds as if you have sour grapes for not getting more money when you sold the land to the developers. Half a Million Pounds wasn't that bad was it?

Anonymous said...

What a surprise. TDC enforcement lacking once again. Might be different this time though if they find themselves on the end of a negligence/injury claim. 10.06, you need to check your facts, landlord is ultimately responsible. Best wishes to the young man, hope he recovers soon.

Anonymous said...

I am not callous and as I said I hope the injured young man recovers in due course. The HSE will presumably investigate and it would be unwise to apportion blame until that has ocurred. I find it slightly odd that you think I'm Mr Friend; I'm not. It is also a bit callous is it not, to use a serious injury to someone as a vehicle to carry the crusade against Northdown Farm.?

I wish you luck with getting TDC to make any necessary enforcements but as long as Northdown Farm is operating within its planning agreements then you have a weak case. Getting TDC to enforce anything other than a shop front in Westgate is difficult.

Anon of 10.06