Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MP Seeks Action on Inquests

North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale, is calling for action to speed up the inquests into the deaths of British service men and women killed on active service in Iraq and Iran.

In a specific question appearing on the Commons Order Paper today (for written answer tomorrow, 18th October) the MP asks the Minister of State, Department for Constitutional Affairs,

"When she expects the inquest into the death of Lieutenant Marc Lawrence, RN to commence".

Further questions, tabled for written answer next week, seek to probe the full extent of the number of inquests now outstanding and, following a Ministerial statement before the summer recess, what additional resources have been made available to and taken up by the Oxford coroner to expedite the hearings.

"My young constituent, Marc Lawrence, was killed in a Fleet Air Arm helicopter in March 2003" says the MP "and his body was recovered and flown to Brize Norton in June of the same year.

I appreciate that as all of the military bodies are flown into Oxfordshire this places a burden upon that Coroner's Office but this is something that a proud and caring nation ought to have made proper provision for. It is intolerable that grieving families are unable to bring closure upon an awful chapter in their lives because of bureaucratic delay. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence have a right to know how and why and where their son died, as do all of those other bereaved families.

There appears to be something of a "service personnel get killed in war" attitude about this that does not reflect the requirement of the day and age and circumstances in which we live but might rather suggest a government in denial of the questionable nature of its cause.

I hope that the earlier Ministerial statement will now be followed up with ministerial action"

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Anonymous said...

anon again!

GO FOR IT Mr. Gale!!!!

We have to read everyday about how bad it is here for the "Veil" wearers & Sheet headed & how many of the poor lot have been done in....

What about a bit of RESPECT for our fallen?

I cannot believe some of the poor BRITISH Families have not been able to bury their War Dead.

Hopefully this can occur before Rememberance Sunday.

Disgusting behaviour! Heads should roll......

Anonymous said...

The Brigadier commanding the Parachute Brigade in Afghanistan tells of almost running out of rations; the CGS talks of inadequate spending and inadequate equipment and pay; the Army is clearly overstretched on operations. This Govt decided the Armed Forces should be deployed in Bush's folly in Iraq and Afghanistan and the under resourcing has been as bad as 150 years ago in the Crimea. At least they had a hospital at Scutari; today mutilated soldiers are verbally abused by so called fellow citizens in public NHS wards and families wait for years for inquests. It is a pity this Govt has no honour in respect of its Servicemen. It is a disgrace, A DISGRACE! Keep on the Govt's case Mr Gale!.

Anonymous said...

I agree that members of the British Armed Forces should be treated with dignity, particularly when dealing with their deaths, but exactly how will the family be helped by being told EXACTLY how their loved one died? Would you want to be told that your child had been tortured for example? However, I am also quite disturbed by some of the military in the media. Some of them seem to have forgotten that they joined up to become members of a military group who will fight in foreign countries etc to defend British interests. Perhaps someone should have told them that peacetime doesn't last forever and that at some point they will have to go into inhospitable conditions and put their own lives on the line. The armed forces shouldn't just be a jolly to see the world.