Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Missing Canons - Anyone Seen Any?

Valuable 18th century bronze canons were stolen from the Powell Cotton museum in Birchington in what looks like a well organised raid involving a flat bed truck.

With each one weighing almost half a ton, a bit of history looks destined for the scrap metal merchant’s foundry.

Only in Thanet, one might think that villains are so desperate that they go after a museum’s guns but it’s no longer unusual. Remember the stolen Henry Moore sculpture?

Given some of the many valuable exhibits in the Powell Cotton museum, I wouldn’t be surprised if the crooks came back for something rather easier to carry in the future.

Thanet Life


Eastcliff Richard said...

Does the Archbishop know about this? I hope they're not planning to split from the General Synod.

Nice new photo, BTW. Very distinguished.

Anonymous said...

I've seen them on ebay already!