Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kent Police - Welcome for Partial Home Office Refund

North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, has given a cautious welcome to the Home Secretary`s decision to give Kent Police at least a partial refund of the money that the County Force has spent in preparing reports in relation to Home Office proposals for police force mergers.

The MP,(one of the founding members of the Police and Parliament scheme) who has been campaigning in the Commons for the refund, said at Westminster this morning:

"The announcement that Kent police will get back from the Home Office £100,000 of the money spent fighting the aborted merger plans is of course wselcome.

This exercise has cost a very considerable amount of high-level police time and effort that could and should otherwise have been spent on law enforcement and the total cost of the work is estimated at nealy a quarter of a million pounds so this is clearly not a refund in full.

Nevertheless, some good will have come out of the study, which will assist in force re-organisation and in streamlining Kent Police as a flagship stand-alone strategic organisation.

Hopefully, Mike Fuller, the Chief Constable, and his team will now be able to put this behind them and get on with the very real task of delivering for the people of Kent the policing that is required to make and keep the County safe and lawful".

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