Saturday, October 07, 2006

Here Come the Talebin

Forget the veil but perhaps you might be inclined to join the ‘Talebin’ a new protest group worried about fortnightly rubbish collections?

The Daily Mail reports:

“Fortnightly rubbish collections are to be forced on millions of homeowners by a backdoor stealth campaign, it was revealed.

The cynical instructions on how to use stealth tactics and steamroller opposition have been put out on behalf of Environment Secretary David Miliband.

Town hall chiefs have been told to go ahead with ending weekly visits by the binmen in winter - so that the cold weather will keep the smell down.”

How would you feel about fortnightly bin collections if they came our way? Would you join the Talebin?

Thanet Life


Anonymous said...

The Thanet '2 wheeelie-bin' system is a two-week cycle for non recyclable and smelly domestic detritus, is it not? What I am not clear about is wether such rubbish can be put in plastic bags inside the bin to reduce smell and of course prevent maggots and a subsequent explosion in the fly population in summer!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

One answer is to completely IGNORE the TDC ridiculous petty rules & regs. Take the stuff up to the tip yourself before it gets smelly and maggoty. I think more & more people will be doing this as time will tell. Then the TDC MUST reduce the Council Tax for doing them this favour.....

These are little thoughts in the back of my mind and have NO bearing on reality.