Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hardly a Police State - No Police in Sight

You have to worry over the sorry state of local policing when you read this story from the Kentish Gazette. The fact that children may have been at risk and yet the police failed to respond in an efficient and adequate manner raises a number of very serious questions that should be of concern to the community in North Kent.

"A Head Teacher has slammed police for failing to respond when an aggressive man armed with a piece of wood got into his school and threatened to kill staff.

Stuart Pywell, who runs St Stephen’s Juniors in Canterbury, says he is appalled and angry that repeated emergency calls for help were ignored.

He said: "There were at least a dozen children and staff directly at risk yet no officer attended."

Mr Pywell has written to the Chief Constable Mike Fuller demanding an explanation and apology.

Mr Pywell says the drama happened last Wednesday afternoon when five young men were seen fighting with sticks and lumps of wood in the school grounds.

Staff dialled 999 and were assured a patrol was on its way.

But the situation worsened when one of the men, who they thought was fleeing the gang, managed to get into the school when a back door was opened."

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George Dixon said...

Imagine how much worse it would be without all the speed cameras and civilian support staff etc. to take the load off of the police officers. The whole thing is a shambles and needs urgently sorting out.

Anonymous said...

If police cannot respond quickly in this sort of situation, then what do they regard as a serious situation? What does please me though, is evidence that police response is as bad in Canterbury as it is in our 'deprived' end of their new enlarged 'parish'. I assume such inefficiency is the product of the new efficiency measures including the central call system at Maidstone. Did the headteacher get the reply "Canterbury ? Where's that then?"

Anonymous said...

Usual spin put on this one on tonight's local news by Kent Police that they had listened to the emergency call tapes and no one had mentioned anything about a weapon, lump of wood, whatever it was. Yes nice try at wiggling out of that one. Nevermind it was just some nutter terrorizing kids, "...prioritize that to level 3 Jenkins, now where are the donuts?" Coppers are there to prevent & investigate crime and we are the mugs who sit here and allow them to say to us, "We're not investigating your stolen car because you're insured anyway, it's no real loss", "We're not going to bother investigating your burglary because we lack resources...and you're probably insured too, it's all replaceable" "We don't think your call requires urgent attention because it's only a nutter with a lump of wood". Do we as a public have MUG written on our collective forehead? Time to crack heads at KCC Constabulary HQ and any other constabulary's HQ too as they're all the same, always moaning about morale and resources. Not our problem mate, earn your damn wage cheque and your polished 30 year pension and sort it out with the Minister at the Home Office.

James Maskell said...

They have no idea where Cliftonville is. Isnt it part of the job of those involved in the police call centres to have a general knowledge of the areas in which they cover and the crime hotspots? If someone calls up and says "a fight with a dozen teenagers involved is happening in Northdown Road, Cliftonville, near Tesco's" they should have a general idea of where to send the police. They should at least know where Cliftonville is. Knowing the area they control should be part of the job.

They need to cut down on the pointless questions and the holding. All it does is delay it. The fight outside the HOT Cafe was basically over by the time the police arrived. The police station isnt very far away.