Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gone to Blazes

One of our readers, Gina writes: "Just thought I would forward you the photo of my daughter's car which was fire-bombed in Essex Gardens Birchington on Wednesday last at 10.30pm.

There was no apparent motive for the attack but it mas malicious and personal, we cannot think of anyone who would do such a terrible thing. A brick was thrown through the car window and petrol poured inside the car, which was then ignited. The only reason we can think of is jealousy.

The car was my daughters 18th birthday present and she cherished it, needless to say she is extremely upset. Although insurance will pay out they never actually match the cost of replacement. Once again we lose out to mindless thugs....makes you want to move out of Birchington!"

Ed: Quite agree Gina. I had heard about this and its an awful example of how times have changed in Thanet, with thuggery escalating beyond more simple vandalism - keying a car - into far more serious crimes. What can I say? I'm sure that readers will feel just as angry as me at the damage done to your daughter's birthday present.

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Anonymous said...

anon again!

Possibly because NOBODY does anything about the thug problem?

Come on yer Brits... we took on Mr Hitler ans thrashed his A*SE!

Surely we can handle a couple of IDIOT THUGS!

Whatever gave you the impression Birchington is a safe place to live?

It was until a few years ago..... now.... it's changed... maybe not so bad as other Local area's, but it's changed!