Saturday, October 14, 2006

Go Slow

Far too murky today, I'm afraid, to have taken any decent photographs. Next time perhaps. I did notice however how remarkably good the old Sea Bathing Hospital building in Westbrook now looks as the exterior renovation nears completion.

What looks like a complete mess at Dreamland, the remains, I think of the Margate Exodus set, I assume? It looks as if a bomb has hit the place from above.

Having struggled into Westwood Cross a little later with my daughter, I wonder how on earth it's going to cope at Christmas. I found myself going round and around for ages looking for a parking space, having crawled along the Margate Road.

While she shopped, I thought I'd get a coffee at Cafe Nero. I was still queuing when she came back and so gave up. The teenage staff there this afternoon wouldn't last five minutes working in a London cafe. Thanet has a visible pace of its own which I'm sure we all recognise.


Anonymous said...

anon again!

WC gridlocked at 14.40... thanks TDC/KCC, for another designer failure... roads I mean.
They were warned, but I think they must all have the mentality of the cauliflowers in the fields where the roads should be.
Great place Thanet.... if you live somewhere else!

Mr Friday said...

Roads leading up to Westwood Cross were a nightmare today. Drove to Maidstone and then Ashford - getting in and out of those towns was incident-free by comparison.

Shame you felt that way about Caffe Nero. I often go there when I can actually get into Westwood Cross and always find the staff really polite, friendly and quick !!

Give them another go Dr Moores - I'm sure you will be more impressed next time !!!

Anonymous said...

That isn't the "remains" of the Margate Exodus set - the film has only really started filming in the past few weeks and has another month of solid filming until it raps.