Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gale Attacks MOD Iraq Policy

North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale has this morning attacked Government measures taken to limit ITN News Reporting from Iraq.

Speaking at Westminster the MP, a former radio and TV journalist and member of the NUJ said:

"ITN reporters have, in common with a number of BBC and other extremely brave reporters, sought to bring accurate and factual news from some of the most dangerous places in the world.

As part of that coverage ITV has quite properly sought to highlight the medical needs of injured members of our armed forces and the manner in which government is, on occasions, signally failing to meet those needs. (This is an issue that was also highlighted during an interview between John Humphreys and a military surgeon on the Today programme this week).

That this government is now seeking to "punish" ITN for reporting facts that may be unpalatable but that are of huge importance to service personnel, to their families and to the wider public, is outrageous.

Blair's government has a less-than-proud record of attempted media manipulation but this move, effectively censorship, is beyond the bounds of any acceptability.

The Prime Minister must acknowledge that he has no right to seek to exercise control over the media and his Secretary of State for Defence must immediately reinstate full facilities for and co-operation with ITN journalists"


Anonymous said...

Like the Tories did during the Falklands War you mean Roger?

Anonymous said...

Quite, Anon 300. Gale is either suffering from amnaesia or is a down and out hypocrite. I vote for the latter.

Artyblartfast said...

Cheap shots...
Individual MPs outside of cabinet aren't directly responsible for the decisions taken by their governments. Especially not one like Gale who concentrates on being a bloody good constituency MP over selfishly developing their careers.
I think you'll find Gale is an MP who genuinely supports freedom of the press. Have a look at his comments from the 2003 Westminster Seminar.
Similarily his vocal support for Clair Short's Armed Forces (Parliamentary Approval for Participation in Armed Conflict) Bill, shows he's not a warmonger, more a democrat keen to limit a Prime Ministers ability to engage in a war against the wishes of the electorate.

Anonymous said...

We like a larf.