Monday, October 02, 2006

Fishy Story

One of Britain’s most curious sand art drawings will be taking place at Broadstairs’ Viking Bay on Saturday 14th October.

This year, the Thanet Coast Project’s Big Draw project has linked up with environmental artist Paul Goodrick to lead on the creation of ‘a line of fish’.  Each fish will be made lying tail to mouth, and as more are created to join the shoal, they will be seen to gradually swim their way across the whole of the bay!  

Each person, family or group, can make one fish and then more if they like. The making process will start at 10.30 a.m. at the southern end of the beach on the wet sand below the high tide mark, underneath the clock tower, and then make their way towards the harbour.

Tony Child, Thanet Coast Project Manager, said: “I hope that we may inspire many people to come along and join in this fun event.  During the morning, the line of fish will grow as more join the shoal and they migrate across the full width of the bay! Our sandy bays are fantastic for this type of event and are ideal for showing the beauty of our coastline.  There’s also a more serious side behind this – as we hope to raise awareness of the wildlife that we do not usually see, because they are usually hidden within our seas. Our fishermen and shore anglers may often see our live local fish, but the rest of us may not until it reaches our plate covered in batter and usually accompanied by chips!  It’s still one of the most defining meals in the UK and, as consumers, we can chose the types of fish that we eat.  We can help by choosing fish that come from well-managed and sustainable stocks.

“People who would like to take part will need to bring along a ‘garden spade’ or similar implement and wear old shoes and clothes for the beach and weather conditions on the day.  People can sign in, and after a quick introduction, we will gradually spread out in sequence along the shore line, moving forward as we create our fish.”

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Anonymous said...

Are TDC getting in early practice on Margate Sands at the moment or are contractors removing excess sand?