Friday, October 20, 2006

Downhill Racer

While The Times reveals that drunkeness and rowdiness in neighbourhoods is causing increasing concern among the public - sounds familiar - with street crime and violent robbery continuing to rise, friends offered me two local stories this week.

The first witnessed a motorcyclist, a visitor to Thanet, knocked off his bike in Cliftonville, when a car driver opened his door, while driving, as the bike attempted to overtake him. The driver fled the scene, leaving the motorcyclist lying in the road. The police were informed.

The second, from St Peters, tells me that frequently drunken anti-social rowdiness from teenagers is a growing nuisance for residents.

Catching graffiti gangs is a good first step but there's a much wider problem it appears, just from listening to people's local stories of what's happening in their neighbourhoods and how anti social behaviour has changed dramatically over the last two or three years.

What's your view? Have the police got the situation under control by being more proactive - more speed traps I notice - or is Thanet steadily going downhill in regard to street crime?

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Anonymous said...

Actually I have more of a problem with ignorant adults who continue to pollute my air with their cigarette smoke and also litter my environment with their fag butts.

I also have a problem with the elderly residents who still don't see why they should have to pick up their dog pooh meaning that I have to warn my children to watch where they are walking all the time.

Oh and ignorant people who beep their horns outside my children's bedrooms late at night.

I have taken the motorbike story with a pinch of salt. I have seen far too many motorcyclists riding unsafely to be concerned.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Police? In Thanet?? Nah, they're all in Canterbury nights (well, the good ones) (the lazy ones stay in Thanet on night shift).

Dog poo and Old People will always be a problem as long as there are Dogs and Old People. As for the penisbutt who opened his car door, while moving, and knocked a motorcyclist off his bike must have had his brain on the backseat!