Saturday, October 28, 2006

Broken Blogger

Blogger appears to be broken again. This seems to be happening quite frequently these days with the Blogger servers collapsing under the strain of several million weblogs, many of which are now based in Thanet.

If you can see this, then it's all working again; that's unless it fell over after publishing, which leaves me in a logical contradiction.


Dave Chamberlain said...

Mine plays up from time to time with servers down. Guess you get what you pay for...oh it's free! On another note did anyone see the parade of the giant and his 'Heads' through Margate today organized by Strange Cargo? My daughters were at their workshop behind Margate High Street earlier in the week making streamers. Plenty of other kids were too and all participated in the parade. Good drumming outfit too, especially liked the number by the Prodigy, Fire Starter. Another good community event held in Margate beefing up interest in the area. Well done!

DrMoores said...

No.. didn't know about it sadly. Obviously cycled the wrong way and was out most of the day. Did you get any photos you could share?

Anonymous said...

ahh sorry you missed it doc-did anyone get any pics?the giants name is joss and it was a fantastic sight!strange cargo are brilliant and the work that was put into making him was a credit to them{and the local people and children that were involved too!]he is housed at the winter gardens and will be paraded on events..great stuff!