Sunday, October 01, 2006

200,000 Impressions Later

I notice that the website just ran past 200,000 this afternoon and triggered my semi-retirement as a consequence. Call it ‘Gardening leave’ if you like. Thank you for all your support and I will keep it going but posting rather more occasionally than you've been used to.

If you wish to contribute your own stories, photos and news, then it’s all welcome as I rather like the idea of this continuing as a collective newspaper than a single ‘Blog’.

Thanet Life


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could appoint a moderator or two to control the posts , this would relieve the pressure on you to some extent but still keep it going.

I would hate to see it fizzle out, such a great blog.

Cheers, Mike

stuart said...

Are you looking for people of a certain political persuasion or is any colour welcome?

Anonymous said...

Stuart, obviously I can't answer for Simon, in fact he may well not be looking for anyone, it was just a suggestion of mine, however I do think it would be unfair to imply there would be any political bias involved were the job of moderation to come up.
Generally the job of a moderator is to screen and remove abusive insulting, illegal or otherise unpleasant content posted by posters who won't keep the site a nice place to visit.
A moderator is not there to censor simply on political grounds and it would be unfair to imply this is a one party website, Simon has been at pains to make it known that all shades of political opinion are welcome here as long as they follow the simple and fair commonsense rules of the site.
This has been a great blog which, due to Simon's efforts, has been pleasant yet at times controversial and stimulating. There aren't many like that.
I've felt priveleged to have been here from the start and am sad to see the result of work commitments forcing Simon to scale down his input.

Mike Wilson

DrMoores said...

Thank you for the kind words Mike. Any contributions are welcome of any creed of "colour" as long as they respect the acceptable use policy of the site!