Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wheelie Workings

One of our readers has sent in a photograph. He writes:

“Having seen more articles on wheelie bins you may be interested in the attached showing the plastic hexagonal plug removed from my bin exposing what I assume to be a chip the size of a two penny piece.”

(name witheld on request)


Nethercourt said...

Ooooo!!!! Tampering with council property eh? That's the end of you then.... wait for the 'men in black'. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why is TDC being coy about this issue.
When asked about it by the Gazunder who asked them about cameras, TDC replied, quite correctly, 'no cameras'. They could have said 'no cameras but we have 5000 of them microchipped and when we run out the next phase of 20,000 ,they will also be microchipped'.

Cllr David Green said...

They could have said that, but my information is that it would have been untrue. I have been told that we do have some chipped bins, issued in the first batch, and one vehical equipped to read and weigh them. (currently operating in the Nethercourt Ramsgate area.
The new bins will not be chipped, thay are cheaper that way.

stuart said...

There are legal issues with this. A residents association has removed the chips from all of their bins after taking legal advice. Something to do with not being allowed to place a bug on provate property without a magistrates order. When the councils are pushing these chipped bins onto private property that is what they are doing and apparently it is illegal.

Trying to find the news article I read on BBC a few weeks ago.

Mr Friday said...

I would have thought a simple "freedom of information" request to TDC asking

a) how many bins are chipped and b) where they have been distributed to

would possibly resolve it.

Steve Lewis said...

The above writer is correct. My wife works for SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency). What the council is doing is an intrusive surveillance. The councils argument is that they are their bins and they can do what they want with them. That is true when they are in the depot. However once they place them on your property it becomes intrusive. This means that they must have completed an application and have permission from a judge to "deploy" on your property.

Anonymous said...

The simple solution is for every householder to check their bins, if a 'device' is found, remove it - carefully - pop it in an envelope and return it to the 'owners' - TDC. They cannot prosecute everyone and if they refuse to take your rubbish then take it to the dump yourself. It is not the ideal solution, but will give me peace of mind and stop them in their tracks. This is the start of the slippery slope.

Mr Friday said...

Re - my post above, I have just emailed TDC under the Freedom of Information provisions asking:
a)whether they have distributed any wheelie bins with these chips in
b)how many have been distributed and which areas are they in
c) Was the decision made by officers or councillors ?

I'll let you know the outcome but they are allowed 20 days by law to respond.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean we can remove the chips from our wheelie bins, providing we do not damage them?

Unless of course, the council pubish a letter of apology and explain in full their reasons for not explaining exactly what their plan was when the bins were first delivered.

I feel it is time we had a full explanation.

Anonymous said...

After a slow start on this issue it is interesting to see that the Gazunder (IOTG Fri 15 Sep) got its act together after some criticism on this site.

As I have long suspected, Gazunder staff are clearly regular visitors to Thanetlife. Cllr Green's predicament and comments by posters to this site are quoted in Friday's paper together with details of Blog sites.

Also of interest is the move by groups in Broadstairs and Dr Moores own Westgate Residents to start putting up candidates for elections next May to TDC. With some luck, local democracy on narrow Party lines could become a thing of the past and the nice cosy members club at TDC could be gatecrashed by a bunch of brash new councillors. Good luck to them all and you as well James Maskell. The incumbents who have presided over pretty unpopular Turner Centre Centre fiascos, Dreamland farce, Margate's death and Westwood's chaos may just get some come uppance.