Friday, September 08, 2006

What's Good About Gordon?

After yesterday’s ‘damp squib’ political excitement, I’m guessing that we’ve got Tony Blair until after his 10th anniversary unless Gordon can find a way of removing him before the local elections next year.

Although the Chancellor has still to go through the formality of an election rather than a coup d’etat I’m not convinced that Prime Minister Brown will be a good thing for either me or the people of Thanet. A move to the left and more taxation seems as inevitable under Gordon as a move to the right would have been under Maggie Thatcher.

The Guardian newspaper writes this morning: "Having fantasised about his very own administration for decades, Brown will not risk having the limo for only three weeks, becoming the Lady Jane Grey of Westminster. But the prudent move may turn out to be the risky one. Every unelected day he serves in No 10 may encourage the perception of a believer in the hereditary principle. Tony Blair, whatever else might be said about him, only ever took power through the ballot-box."

So, Gordon, who is about to deliver a lecture on “Britishness” today will most likely inject a Scottish Parliamentary feel to No10, given his close supporters, like Dougie Alexander but do you think that the arrival of Prime Minister Brown is inevitable and will Tony have the last laugh, leaving Gordon with a shrinking economy with growing debt and unemployment to deal with, a ticking time-bomb that looks to go off, well after ten years?

What’s good about Gordon? Let us know.


Anonymous said...

I no longer have any faith in this Govt or any of its ministers, so I console myself with the fervent hope that we might see the shortest premiership in recent times when this country boots New labour out.

James Maskell said...

The only thing good I take from this Government is the NMW. Apart from that, Labour is worthless. Brown gives money to Unions in exchange for their support (under the Union Modernisation Fund), our troops are sent on illegal wars in which any intelligence backing it is leaky at best, ID Cards backed up by a Regulation Bill which is not too dissimilar to the Nazi Enabling Act, more crimes than ever before without the frontline policemen to actually deal with criminals, burdened with m,ore bureaucracy.

A Government which taxes harder than any Government before it, wastes a positive inheritance with the economy, making it more bureaucratic and regulation filled than before. Throwing money at a problem instead of actually looking at the problems behind it and looking to the frontline workers in order to sort it out.

This Government is nothing less than Socialist, the irony being of course that its the working class and lower middle class that have to suffer the most for this.

The shorter Labour is in power the better.

DrMoores said...

I note that the individual barred from further comment here has commented:

What's good about Gordon? He's streets ahead of David Cameron in terms of intellect, ability, and integrity.

I also note that Charles Clarke and a number of Gordon's Cabinet colleagues appear to believe the total opposite. After all Gordon has never held a proper job and the the Bank of England, as the IOD and the CBI would point out, have done the work that the Chancellor takes credit for. Without an oil surplus we would be in deep "doodoo" as many leading economists may point out.. so "The Jury is Still Out on Gordon"

James Maskell said...

If Gordon is so far ahead of Cameron in terms of intellect and ability, perhaps he could explain how we are going to pay for further spending in public services without borrowing even more money? Taxes will have to rise and who is to be hit with those increases? House prices and utility bills are rising far faster than increases in earnings, coupled with rising interest rates means its even harder to pay the mortgage and for first time buyers to get on the ladder. Ive given up any hope of getting a home of my own. Its simply not going to happen, thanks to Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown has broken his own economic rules. His integrity is shot, especially when you see how Brown has tried to organise a coup into Downing Street. I have numerous differences with Cameron, but Id much prefer him over Brown.

Anonymous said...

Dr Moores, almost choked on my digestive biccie when I read your 5.22pm post until I looked again and saw you were quoting Thanet's pet socialist. Did he have anything to say about the success achieved by Gordon Brown in running the economy sensibly for 4 years like a Tory and with the benefit of the foundation laid by the previous Tory admiistration? He probably didn't mention why my retirement plans are in tatters as a result of taking £5 billion a year out of the pensions and savings sector in stealth tax and thereby consigning a generation of working class people to poverty when they had tried so hard to save for their old age and NOT be a burden on the State.

Anonymous said...

I have voted conservative all my life - as have my family. If Gordon Brown becomes leader of the labour party I shall vote labour. He is a born leader - and I know my mortgage (shelfishly will be safe)