Saturday, September 30, 2006

Up in Smoke

The BBC reports that thousands of people have looked on while an 82ft-high (25m) sculpture of a man built out of rubbish was burned to the ground at Dreamland as part of the Margate Exodus extravaganza inspired by the Old Testament story of Moses.

The Waste Man, designed by Angel of the North creator Antony Gormley, was the climax to a day of live public performances in Margate, Kent.

Teams of volunteers spent two months collecting waste materials and packing them into the sculpture's framework.

Some of the activities will appear in a film to be shown in cinemas in 2007.


Anonymous said...

Channel 4 covered it as was to be expected and the interviews of locals through the security fencing gave a dismal picture. This of course was the security fencing put up without planning permission and despite TDCs claim to get to grips with those who ignore planning regulations,its still there. Small shopkeepers in Westgate get fined whilst Waterbridge and JG do what they like?

Chris Wells said...

A wonderful event, only spoiled by some of the predictable and awful media comment about the nature of the town.

Well done Artangel. Well done Margate.

Shinguard said...

Well said Chris Wells.

The whole event was good for the area. In the short term hotels and businesses must have benefited and many local people were involved in the filming and building of the sets. Students from nearby colleges got great experience and with all the fantastic settings around our area hopefully more filming will be done here, maybe this is an area TDC need to further explore with a connection to the Turner Centre project and Margate old Town regeneration.

The evening event at the Winter Gardens was a really good night and I look forward to seeing the Film on C4 next year.

James Maskell said...

Earlier this morning this story was the second most read page on the BBC website.

Anonymous said...

Yes James, and the first most read was about how many bananas a monkey can eat.

James Maskell said...

Yeah, the answer was 12!

Seriously, it was in second. It was at about 7.30 this morning though, thus why it got so high.

Anonymous said...

Where was God in this story though? Catching the burning embers that were falling on people no doubt - we were far back and it was a very dangerous place to be! Just another pretentious loud of drivel by people thinking they are doing Margate a favour, bet they are back in their London lofts as we speak.