Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tough on Toerags - Tough on the Causes of Toerags?

As Thanet Council gets tough on Anti-Social behaviour, perhaps they can do something to address the regular complaints that appear on this website that calls to the Police are ignored.

One of our regular contributors, “Mr Friday”, writes:

“I remember reading a few weeks ago of the "crackdown" on mini-motos and the like in Thanet.

I was watching the Thanet Marathon today on Cliftonville Seafront and one of the local ‘toerags’ was tearing up and down the promenade making people get out of his way in case they were hit.  It was also causing inconvenience to the runners who were on the last legs (literally in some cases) of a tough 26 mile run.  The last obstacle they were probably expecting was this sort of anti-social behaviour - not a good advert for Thanet when so many runners were from outside the area.

Anyway, I phoned the police and, after being diverted from the Margate Police Station to the HQ who had no concept of where or what Cliftonville Promenade was they assured me that a patrol car would be along "immediately" to sort it out.  Anyway, I waited, and waited and waited.  As I was watching the Marathon I was there for a further 3 hours after I made the phone call and not one police car turned up.  Eventually the rider just rode his ‘moto’ down the path one more time and vanished.

Tough on mini-motos ?  I'd say.”


Anonymous said...

A typical story of everyday police support in Thanet. I am absolutely incensed about this item!
Sorry, TDC, policing is not your remit, it is though, of Kent Police.

When this sort of anti-social behaviour happens so publicly and brazenly and with no response from the 'Thin Blue Vein', it is time for the people to take direct action.

Next time, Mr Friday, gather support from fellow citizens about you and get in the mini-bikes way and bring it to a halt. Then forcibly remove the rider and throw the machine off the promenade, preferably into the sea if the tide is in.

Be prepared to take flak after or if this course of action is too direct, and I do not in any way condemn you if you feel that that it is not appropriate for you, ring 999 and say that you and 10 others are grappling with the scroat and are about to heave his mini-moto into the sea. When you threaten direct action, it is my experience that you find police presence at the scene quite quickly.

The righteous need to stand up to this form of 'bullying' or we will never stop it.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see that you have had to re-instate comment moderation again, Dr Moores. I hope normal service will be resumed when you feel it is appropriate to do so.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed too that at our last couple of matches at Hartsdown Park there has been noise a plenty from these mini motors on the adjacent Hartsdown site.Swimming pool side).The noise was unbearable. These kids surely didnt have permission to be motoring around there. Time the police stepped in & rid us of all these mini maniacs.

James Maskell said...

hear hear 5:55am. They were doing circuits of Hartsdown Park all the way during the first half of the Burgess game making a bloody racket.

Where in Kent can these legally be riden? I dont recall a single plot of land being approved for use of mini motos. In that case, why are they even being sold in Thanet? You cant use them here...

Anonymous said...

This morning (Tuesday) in Cliftonville I saw a police officer walking along the cliff top at Walpole bay. One can but hope this will be a regular daily patrol. But I fear it is a reaction and as a result of recent publicity. Please can we see more on the beat.

Anonymous said...

These worrying reports of police responsiveness (or rather the lack of it) remind me of a news story 3 or 4 years ago.

A woman dialled 999 to report intruders in her garden trying to break into her shed. The police took the details but said they could not respond as they had no-one available.

Incensed, the woman waited for 15 minutes then rang again and said that she had apprehended the burglars and had them pinned in the shed at the barrel end of her loaded shotgun.

Within just a few minutes, the area was flooded with police and even their helicopter appeared overhead. The police found her in the lounge continuing to look out at her garden.

"You said you had them pinned down with your shotgun" said the senior officer to her. She replied "You said you had no-one available".

Anonymous said...

I hate to repeat myself on this blog but I am STILL waiting for a police attendance or contact from a 999 and other call to the police I made on the 25th July, or was it 29th , its so long ago I've forgotten.
I can't look it up at the moment as I am currently in a country where the police are effective and respected.
What a waste of time and space Kent's Finest still are.

I was pleased to see a prison work party in Florida USA today picking up litter along the road, in their striped uniforms. I have seen them chained together but today maybe these were less high security as they were not chainganged.
We should try this ourselves, but I suppose the Blessed Tony would regard it as against their human rights or something.

Anonymous said...

this problem of the so called youth of today must start at home if the parants had more control over there children this might not happen,this problem is not helped by this labour goverment whom take great delight 9in all the cut backs in there funding to groups like the police .i still say parants and schools must take some blame fos this one only has to walk down margate high sreet and watch the kids of today put them in the army

F.Angry said...

The lack of police response is sadly not a new thing in my experience (margate). I called them several times over a period of about a year to tell them about mini motos racing up and down the roads - each time I was told a patrol would be there shortly - not once did I see a car. Each time the mini moto rider got bored and went home. Where does all our police money from the council tax go ?
I have just been told that we are to lose 5 police officers to the medway area so I am looking forward to a reduction in my council tax bill.

James Maskell said...

Another fight outside last night (right outside my window in fact). Quickly called the police to be given a questionnaire over the phone. They didnt know where Cliftonville was... By the time Id gotten through the questions the fight was over and they were walking down Surrey Road towards the seafront.

Whats the point of calling the police for them to come and sort out a fight if by the time you finish answering their questions the fights already well over? It should be that you call the police and they immediately send someone there. This belt tightening is hurting the public who then are at greater risk of harm. At the risk of sounding like an old man, it was so much easier in the olden days! Bring back the bobbys on the beat!