Monday, September 25, 2006

tGovernment or eGovernment @ its Best?

One reader is still unhappy with the council’s electronic complain process. He writes:

“Dear Dr Moores

Have you been onto the TDC web site and followed the procedure to make a complaint electronically?

It’s an absolute shambles.  Several times today I have tried. You have to type in your name followed by your postcode.  If you click on the box below that gives your address.  Everything is deleted.  

Re start, type in your name and postcode ignoring the box below. Type in your comment etc. Click on the box to print out a copy of your article, everything is deleted.

Go through the whole procedure again but not clicking on the boxes for your address or a copy but just send, guess what? Everything is deleted.

You may/may not remember I am the person who let you know about the signs on St Augustine’s in Westgate following your ‘Council enforces Westgate Planning Decision.’

Following the advice given I sent everything off to TDC through the TDC complaints procedure website.  Hey ho guess what still no reply from the Council either from the Chief Executive the Monitoring Officer my local councillors and any/all of the departments concerned. Further I have received no form (as requested) to make a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.

The Councils website I believe state that they will respond within 10 days.  I think the ten days is up and gone. I get a far better response from my MP than I do from TDC whom are also Public Servants.”

Ed: Not a great illustration of eGovernment at its best. Has anyone else experienced similar problems they would like to share?

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