Friday, September 08, 2006

Temporary Extension to the Revolution Agreed

News from Councillor Chris Wells, to tell us that Revolution Skatepark and the Thanet Community Development Trust have today agreed a temporary extension to Revolutions tenancy until the end of the year. In a meeting facilitated by Cllr Wells, the agreement allows Revolution to continue to operate on the Dane Valley site for an additional ninety days following the end of their lease in September whilst negotiations continue about longer term arrangements.

Cllr Wells explained:

“The terms of the temporary arrangement will remain confidential whilst the main negotiation resumes, and both sides have agreed not to make comment to the media during the forthcoming negotiations. I will continue to facilitate meetings between the parties as necessary until this matter is settled. My role is simply to assist in the negotiating process as an honest broker acceptable to both parties. All involved have agreed this statement and will not comment further.”

Keith Single, Financial Director of TCDT, said:

“I am pleased we are all back around the table and talking, and hope we will all use these three months to reach an acceptable solution for all concerned. I would like to thank Dan Chapman for his willingness to enter this temporary arrangement and trust we will now reach a mutually acceptable conclusion”

Dan Chapman of Revolution commented:

“Skaters now know they have at least three more months to enjoy the park as it stands, and with the immediate threat of closure receding can have confidence we will all do our best to ensure Revolution continues.”


Anonymous said...

Does this development, which is not really anything significant, now feee Councillors Wells and Ezekiel to account for the actions and behaviours of the Thanet Council representatives on the TCDT Board?

stuart said...

It's pretty obvious the no comment to the media clause has been made by TCDT.

Is the media pressure getting to them?

Now I would quite like to see Dan obtain alternative premises at a suitable cost in the next three months and leave TCDT with an empty unit.

Alternatively, for common sense to prevail and TCDT to act in accordance with their mission statements.

Anonymous said...

If I ran the skate park I'd be using the 3 months to look for different premises.
The present ones are good as they are on a bus route but all this political/ pseudo charity business is just too much.
There must be some disused large building around?

stuart said...

I will no longer be contributing to this site. The over moderation is annoying. My comment did not say anything that different to the one you have allowed.

So much for freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Well done Councillor Chris Wells. A pity that your bunch at TDC didn't vote you in as leader in the Summer.