Friday, September 08, 2006

Save the Island

One local councillor, Miss Roxanne Chesher-Brazier, has started a leaflet campaign to “Save the Island” against the building of new homes on Thanet (I originally wrote Westwood Cross by mistake). I was handed one of these this morning and it says:

“Say ‘No’ to developments of 4,000 homes”

“Say ‘No’ to depleting water supplies”

“Say ‘No’ to diminishing quality of air”

And of course, say ‘No’ to a “Rising Crime Rate” as an afterthought.

James Maskell correctly pointed out that the 4,000 homes figure is for the island as a whole, still too many I would have thought, given the present congestion problems we are seeing.


James Maskell said...

As I understand it, the 4000 homes comment refers to the homes to be built in Thanet, not just the ones for the Westwood area.

Anonymous said...

I don't support all this building - but I also know its a waste of time and effort trying to stop it. There is just too much money involved, big profits for the builders and extra taxes for the councils.
I haven't heard of this Cllr before, must look her up on the TDC website.
Has she been involved in any other activity we know about?

James Maskell said...

Cllr Chesher-Brazier isnt a TDC Councillor, which is probably why you havent heard much of her. If I recall right shes an Acol Parish Councillor. She hasnt been in the job long but she's getting stuck in already.

tony cook said...

Good for her!

shernus said...

And of course, say ‘No’ to a “Rising Crime Rate” as an afterthought.
Last night i was reliably told by a police officer there were 5 officers on duty across the whole of thanet,policing thanets 125,000 + population.
I personaly see crime provention as the number 1 priority,i live in st peters and have witnessed the yob culture relentlessly and to the extreme,and last night after consoling a 77 year old after her property had been attacked yet again, i would like to believe that the rest of thanet are like minded.

Anonymous said...

rather than build new houses why do they not repair the empty ones and rent them out?
i can think of about 15 empty houses/flats which have been that way for years, so there must be hundreds of empty properties over the island!

Anonymous said...

Cllr Green, afew months ago, provided this site with the numbers of dwellings completed across thane year by year since 2000. The target given out by 2 jags dept for Thanet was 4000 homes from 2000. How are we doing already on this? With Westwood and a whole host of flats heading towards completion, we are likely to have exceeded this target already. For the past 18 months Thanet has seemed one big building site.

Anonymous said...

Anon of 211 is quite right. Although a lot of new construction will inevitably be needed, the first "hit" should be on refurbishing existing empty housing stock, and the second building on suitable brownfield sites. The trouble is, greenfield development is cheaper and therefore more attractive to developers. Someone will have to pay for the "preferred" approach.