Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ramsgate Knife Attack

More violence in Ramsgate where a man could need at least a year to regain the full use of his right hand after being attacked with a knife while on his way home.

The 19-year-old was approached in Wellington Crescent by two men and a woman.

One of the men barred his way and tried to stab him in the stomach. The victim defended himself with his right arm but was slashed across his hand and wrist.

He needed 50 stitches to the external wound and severed tendons in his hand.

The offender and the other man and woman walked away down Madeira Hill following the incident late last Friday.

The man with the knife was described as having a foreign appearance, aged 17 to 20 and with black gelled hair.

The two other people with him were of a similar age.


Anonymous said...

Unprovoked or to do with the problem of vacuum filling after success of Kent's Finest against horticultural endeavours and suppliers? We need serious sentencing for posession of knives and even more serious ones for using them. Vicious injuries here.

James Maskell said...

I dont see any particular phrases which indicate to me that the recent stories about drug raids have anything to do with this attack. What makes you think that this attack is related to the drugs issue?

Anonymous said...

Purely speculation based on the description of the attack. Does not appear to be a random style mugging with violence but a more deliberate personal attack to 'fix' the victim. Police success against cannabis farms and recent successful mass raids has had an impact on local supply and in such situations the criminal drug business is under strain and such attacks can be a symton. In Birmingham and Manchester such strains lead to drive by shootings and at the moment we in Thanet are spared this.

stuart said...

I don't like your speculation.

At the moment, for all you know, an innocent person could have been knifed. If that is the case then i'm sure they don't need a rumour started that they are a drug dealer!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you don't like my speculation, stuart. It is a far more worrying situation for the public at large, if this is a random wounding of an innocent member of the public.

Dane Valley Ted said...

I have asked a few people locally and the general view is that all drugs are still available at the same level and price as before the drug busts.
This attack could be a random assault or a revenge attack for some other reason,but I do not think it was about drugs,just lately this kind of thing is happening more and more and it is worrying.
With the news lately about reducing police presence on the streets things can only get worse,perhaps this will help to reverse that idea,let's hope so.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what "of foreign appearance" means?
Could he have been Swedish? Or French? or Swiss?
Still its better than the Thanet Gazette a while ago who reported that some burglars were of "Jewish appearance" and refused to withdraw the remark.