Sunday, September 03, 2006

Power Station Protest

The BBC reports a protest at the Richborough Power Station site, by environment campaigners against a possible waste incinerator being built.

Thanet Friends of the Earth and Sandwich Action Group for the Environment (Sage), were demonstrating against the disused power station being one of four places selected as possible sites for waste incinerators by Kent County Council (KCC) in a consultation paper.

Sunday's demo was part of a global action day against burning rubbish.


Anonymous said...

I am not impressed with today's environmental protesters. They have the negative answers but do they get involved in positive action? Do they clean up our road verges?. Do they plant trees? No, they talk, demonstrate and this misconception that young people care about the environment is absolute tosh.
Look at any of our schools and surrounding areas after 4.00pm and you will find rubbish ankle deep. Similarly after the young have finished clubbing in Margate on a Friday night. Anyone at Reading Festival last week will tell you about the squalor caused by the young in their immediate environment! We need less demonstrating and more involvement.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Typical, WE need a waste burner in the area, and some group of righteous twits say "NO not there!"
Why not burn the waste to desalinate the seawater, on that very site. The structure is all there, just needs modification.... we need both items so why do people muck about saying we don't. They are idiots!

Investment in Thanet, Kent even, is minimal by our Governments- Labour or Conservatives.

I have just had a week in Devon and was amazed at the splendid condition of that area. Plymouth is a wonderful Modern well planned City (by Michael and Dingle Foote). Torquay, dare I say the "Margate" of the South West, was so well organised it pained me to think of Life in Thanet. Teignmouth/Newton Abbott, wonderful little towns all with that proud "cared for" look.
Thanet lacks this pride because we get NEGATIVE or zero encouragement.

When you look at Thanet, it is a Dump... we've been dumped by our TD Council, and our Government.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Any Councillors dare to comment on the above?