Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Note on Community Safety

I received this note to share with you all from the Project Manager Thanet Community Safety Partnership. I should add that yes, I was invited but sadly I was working; I have a day job too and so I couldn’t attend the meeting.

“Dear Simon Moores

You were invited to the press launch of this last Friday. If you had attended you could have dispelled any fears your readers have.

This is not a sole TDC venture is run by the Thanet Community Safety Partnership. TDC were chosen to host the site because of the high quality product they are using and the well trained team they have in there customer services team to operate it. It has not cost any additional money this has been set up along with the Safe Cleaner Team (which will be shown in the next addition of Thanet Matters- by making better use in a coordinated manner of existing services. This project and team has taken over 18 months to set up. It has not been done on a whim or rushed. It is not taking any responsibilities away from any agencies involved but is complimenting them. It is partnership working at its best.

The Anti social Reporting Line is not an immediate response line that is the role of the Police. It is part of the process in seeking long term solutions not just papering over the cracks.

Nigel Cruttenden Project Manager Thanet Community Safey Partnership”


Anonymous said...

Personally I have not found Nigel Cruttenden to be a helpful person.
It seems to me he has been effective in getting rid of untaxed cars around Thanet but I know of no other benefit to having him around.
I am informed, I don't know if its true, that he is an ex policeman, if so that would explain why he takes an interest in the easy tergets of traffic matters rather than more than difficult to solve crime.
If he really thinks that TDC have a well trained customer services team then he must have a different team in mind to the one I try to get any action from on a regular basis.
The ones I speak to are well trained only in passing the buck and stonewalling.
Sounds like the typical TDC whitewash to me, and as usual Nigel is making it someone elses fault - yours in this case - for not attending a press launch about the subject.
In my case when I called Nigel about crime and antisocial behaviour in my road he said it was my fault,what did I expect buying a cheap house in a bad area! End of conversation as far as he was concerned.
These TDC press launches promise much but in the end come to nothing anyway.
Viz the big grants for unfit homes!
Huge launch, little done, then quietly swept under the carpet when it died the death.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! How many ex-policeman does Nigel have on his team? Nice employment to boost a very generous police pension after only 20 years in uniform? Confirms my thoughts about TDC taking care of keeping us clean and Kent Police being made to keep us safe.

Peelers were named after Sir Robert Peel, should we call the new contract hit teams 'Ezekielers'?

So we now have UNIFORMED PROPER POLICEMEN; POLICE COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICERS; KCC COMMUNITY WARDENS and now 'EZEKIELERS'; all looking after our cleanliness and safety and yet the problems people report have never been worse. The problem about all these separate organistions working in Thanet is that WHO is responsible exactly for WHAT?

Inter-organisation liaison has shown to be chaotic and ineffective in the important area of Child Protection and it will be even more so in the muddle above.

Maybe, just maybe, we might see a sensible structure develop in time based on THE POLICE. Kent Police controls and links in the 'TOWN POLICE' to its COUNTY POLICE. The good thing is that they will then all be uniformed police working within one unified command and control system. At the moment we are creating a 'bu****s muddle'.

Anonymous said...

Where I live at the moment in the USA we have a multitude of security agencies. Most work well together, some do not.
The ones most criminals will come into contact with are.
City Police
County Sheriff
State Troopers (Highway Patrol)

A City or County cop costs the local council about 100,000 dollars a year overall.

City cops operate only within the city ( cities may be no bigger than Margate or as large as Miami) They will respond to local crime calls, and within several minutes usually.

County Sheriff and his employed deputies, as their name suggests, operate in the whole County, The Sheriff is elected on a regular basis - or not if he is ineffective.
The State Troopers operate in the whole of the State and typically perform a lot of traffic duties but will also do other work as required.

The FBI cover crime which takes place in more than 1 state. They are not noted for working well with other agencies.

The CIA are prohibited by law from operating in the USA, only abroad.

All I can say is that it all seems to work well and the fight against crime is proactive and the response to calls from the public is swift and effective.

The courts are not reluctant to lock up criminals for a long time and jails are not a place where criminals enjoy their holiday.

We still have the death penalty in my State but not all States do. Its a definite deterrent and also ensures that serial killers etc never get back on the streets.

There is respect for the police from public and criminals alike.

Bit different to Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon Moores,
Just as matter of interest there are no other ex policemen working in the unit. I did 30 years as a police officer paying 11% of my salary every month for my pension.
I am not employed by Thanet District Council and my wages do not come from the council tax.So retired police officers now are not allowed another career?
Nigel Cruttenden

Anonymous said...

thank you, Nigel. It was not Dr Moores' point but mine(8.33am) and I apologise. Of course you are correct that police officers should have a second career but the terms of police pensions are very generous compared for eaxample to teachers.(80ths compared to 60ths or less?). Getting back to the point, I would rather see more uniformed serving policeman of whatever format this country will devise, rather than ex-policeman and other sorts of powerless bods.

Anonymous said...

ooo la la, when did a person's pay packet come into this? You get out of a pension what you put into it! How about comparing a teachers pension with an MP's???

For what it is worth, the dealings that I have had with Mr Cruttenden have been rather positive. I am of the understanding that the Thanet Community Safety Partnership works to put things into place which may stop anti social behaviour, things like lighting and communication? There is more than one way to skin a cat and Mr Cruttenden has taken the time to explain this to me when I have contacted him. I rang to complain about boys playing football. I was very courteously reminded that this was something that we have all done and as a result I do have to admit that I reviewed my own attitude and realised that as I didn't hide in an attic until old enough to go down the pit the innocent children playing today shouldn't have to either!

Perhaps the person you really need to be getting at is higher up the food chain, but as you can't them you have chosen an easy target. Just like society picks on youths when I have had more experience of rude pensioners in my own age group than rude youths!

And to the original anonymous poster in this entry. If you are going to make remarks about a person then you really ought to have the decency to give your name. Perhaps this is because you are one of those who choses not to tax their vehicle, thereby having no MOT or insurance, and therefore are committing a crime for which you could be prosecuted?