Monday, September 18, 2006

No Short School Friends Please

I had a call from a parent this morning who asked me if I could explain the new and rather confusing child car seat regulations.

The quick and rather glib answer is that if your child is under twelve, then he or she is not allowed to have any short friends unless you happen to have a ready supply of car booster seats available. Otherwise, the police, in between fining mobile phone users and cyclists without bicycle bells, will be checking your vehicle at the road-block, soon to set-up permanently at the St Nicholas roundabout.

The more sensible answer is to visit the BBC website where all is explained, with some detail I didn’t know; i.e. whether the human rights act is a defense or not. Anyway, see what the BBC has to say here.


stuart said...

I wonder why parents are calling you to ask for legal advice on the new child seatbelt legislation Simon?

Are you offering another local alternative?

DrMoores said...

Guess she thought I would know as it's mentioned in an earlier entry. It's not a new service but you'd be surprised by some of the requests I get for information from time to time

Anonymous said...

Environmentally friendly car-sharing on the school run will be hit by this. What inspired the Govt on this issue? Was it a knee jerk response to the mum on the Oxford by-pass last year or year before who overloaded with other children and had a multiple fatality crash?

Mr Friday said...

Well, I just attempted the "test your knowledge of the new car seat law" on the BBC Website and got 4/10 right so don't ask me !!

Anonymous said...

I got 8 right!! YAY!!