Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Margate Pizza Rapist Faces Long Jail Term

Could it be any worse?

Kent Online reports that a 29-year-old pizza delivery driver convicted of raping two women and sexually assaulting another at his flat has been warned he faces long jail sentences.

Qadar Hazarmeshe, of Union Crescent, Margate, had denied the rapes implying the first victim may have been attacked by his brother who was staying at the flat at the time and who had since disappeared.

Hazarmeshe went on trial at Canterbury Crown Court originally denying three rape allegations as well as sexual assault, but one rape charge was withdrawn from the jury on the direction of the judge.

Sentence was adjourned for reports and Judge Anthony Webb said the dangerous offender provisions had to be considered.

He told Hazarmeshe, who had no previous convictions: "The jury have convicted you of these serious sexual offences. I am going to put the case back for reports because I have to consider if there is a significant risk to the public of serious harm occasioned by the commission by you of further offences if you were to be released.

"In any event, you face very long sentences of imprisonment," said Judge Webb.

Hazarmeshe was remanded in custody and will be sentenced sometime later in October.


Anonymous said...

Hazarmeshe eh. My guess is he wasn't born here. I don't suppose he came here fleeing persecution from the Taliban, Saddam etc by any chance?
Following a decent jail sentence (unlikely these days I know) and assuming he did come here for "asylum" one would hope the judge would recommend deportation.

But wait, we can't deport people to Iraq etc. since their human rights would not be respected! They would face persecution!

Too bad about the human rights of the victims. In Blair's Britain the rights of the perps seem to outweigh those of the victims. To all the bleeding hearts out there, this is what happens when your loopy, touchy-feely asylum policies let scum like this stay in Britain.

C Beckley said...

In some countries this kind of activity is only second to knife fighting. If he is an asylum seeker should he be working ?
The peeps who deliver the leaflets for those places clearly can't read English - they look bemused when I go out and tell them off for ignoring my no leaflets sign!

Anonymous said...

Why do you automatically assume he wasn't born in this country??

I don't condone or agree with whatever he has done, but I don't think it's fair to play the racist card.

Would his crime be any different if he were called Smith??

The odds are that he is legally in this country, so why automatically jump on his nationality?