Friday, September 08, 2006

Magic Roundabout

I picked-up a copy of the village newsletter, “The Birchington Roundabout” today and they have the results of a survey on their front page:

  • 66% respondents are dissatisfied with the policing of the village and how “anti-social behaviour seems to be tolerated by the police.”

  • 68% of respondents feel very dissatisfied with the failure of Thanet Council to quickly and professionally repair cracked and lifted paving stones.

  • 52% of respondents were dissatisfied with local planning decisions

  • 64% of respondents are unhappy with the lack of youth facilities

All was not gloom and doom with shops given a 97% approval rating – far enough from Westwood Cross not to be put out of business – and medical facilities were given 71% approval. An overwhelming 88% were happy to be living in the village.

I suspect that if the same survey was taken across the island, the negative view of policing would be broadly reflected elsewhere with too much emphasis being placed on Community Officers and too little emphasis on local knowledge and a visible presence of local “beat officers” outside of 9am to 5pm.


Anonymous said...

To be honest I am surprised the dissatisfaction percentages are not higher, but on the other hand bearing in mind the age and mental state of some of the residents the other 30% or so probably don't realise anything is wrong- or know what day of the week it is, or that Winston Churchill is no longer Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Is Thanet still being policed at all, since the amalgamation with Canterbury?

James Maskell said...

Apparently yes 10.50, but not in Cliftonville as they dont know where it is... More seriously there are some police in Cliftonville, though not as many as would please lcoal residents.

Anonymous said...

Let's see ... The Birchington Roundabout conducted a poll .... well thats good ... but .... lets look in to THAT. First it is not distributed all over Birch - Second it has a readership of mainly older people - Third the readership are not usually out during the hours when this behaviour usually occurs ... my point is that it is NOT a survey of much worth. I just had to say that. BUT - I live in Birchington and sometimes see such behaviour - or its potential - and if there were a regular presence of a policeman/woman then things may not be so bad. Unfortunately there are times when a bobby is on the beat - and if you look around at that time you will see that the traffic warden is there too. The police presence is there to protect the warden! There have been two armed robberies in the village in the last year - have the perps been caught? I believe that one person drunkenly kicked in a shop window and even though the police followed the blood trail all the way to casualty they STILL couldnt (wouldnt) press charges. Does anyone know what happened to the chap who ran the shoe repair shop? He was assaulted and I dont believe the police did anything. They have no teeth and they desperately need to grow some.
I read these pages every day - the other Blogs in Thanet too ... and I get the distinct impression that no matter how many comments are made - no matter how we protest (on these pages or anywhere) there is no hope of making a change ...

Anonymous said...

Have no fear 8.19pm, the 'Ezekeliers' are here and you can see them all on the front of TDC's propagandist rag 'Thanet Matters'.

Instead of 19 of them I would be happier with TDC sticking to keeping Thanet clean and have 10 extra proper policemen who could be strolling around dodgy parts of Thanet after normal working hours.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.19 says that the police have no teeth,,well they do,,,,the problem is that it is just to much trouble for them to use the powers they have,,they would rather turn a blind eye to anything that looks even vaugely like work,,,,as an example the advice given to young coppers when called to a pub fight is 'take your time,,let them punch themselves out then we can pick up the pieces '
I should say at this point that there are some very good coppers,,,sadly they are few and far between,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Of course the rot started when Kent County Council decided to put ALL police Officers in cars,,,
and then as a money saving measure limited the mileage in those cars to 25 miles a shift apart from life threatening situations. That was in the late 70' or early 80's,,,the memories going,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but is a checkable fact if you can find your way through the morass that passes for the KCC website,,

All is not lost however,apparently we are getting PCSO's and before anyone starts jumping up and down saying they have no powers,,,,,CHECK YOUR FACTS,,,,
I found out why I cant login,,apparently I am a member of Beta Blogger,,,,,,,,,,